Thursday, May 26, 2016


A picnic we planned 
during my pregnancy;
It was a moment I cherish
and hold with ecstasy;

A long ride in the bus
Never made me fuss;
The monsoon and the rains
didn't stop my plans;

I walked all the steps
to the mount of talacauvery*;
I never saw a morning
so beautiful that early;

Fluffy clouds and drizzling rain
Made me happy once again;
I took a deep rest
within the womb of Nature's best;

It is the place where the Cauvery river originates and flows in Coorg, India*

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Learn from Anyone

In life, we come across people from different walks of life. When we meet them, we often arrive at a decision so quickly without spending quality time with them. The characteristics they exhibit or showcase may be a fractional part of their whole being. Sometimes it may be their true self or it may be just a perspective of ours. But whatever they are, there is always one good value hidden in everyone. Before we judge them as good or bad, we can always imbibe that one good quality and learn from them. This has been a learning for me during the couple of months and I have experienced it. Hope you all agree on the same lines.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Jack and Jill - New Version

Jack and Jill always went to the hill to fetch a pile of water. But they never came out successful. Jack fell down and broke his crown and even Jill tumbled and fell.
It's been years listening to the same old rhyme.

Imagine how would it be if Jack and Jill celebrate Christmas together and they are forever happy. Always we should teach our children to be happy rather than being sad or upset. I hope this Rhyme can definitely bring smiles to all the children listening to it.

By the grace of HIM, I penned the lyrics and sung by a German Singer. Please share among your friends and families.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Rays of the Majestic sun
Traversed the day and done
Beetles, Bunnies and Butterflies
Talk the secrecy code to the skies;

The warmth of the daylight;
The chillness of the breeze;
The power of the moon;
The effect of the rain;

All stood together to maintain
the right weather to gain;

If the nature could hear whispers
and make a world without tears;

I believe the human beings,
Can bring a lot more meaning;
To respect each other's feelings;

Summer Camp and a Realization

Children look forward for their summer holidays. As parents, we think thousand times what has to be given best to our children to make them happy and also to spend their time qualitatively. As a pressured mother, I too was looking options for summer camps which would fit right for my sons. Glad I found few and enrolled them which suited the best. They went happily, enjoyed and completed the camp.

One of these days, my elder son went for a chess class and happened to know of Archery class in a summer camp and he nudged me to enroll there. I registered him and he went to the class with lots of excitement. After coming back from the class, he wasn't happy. He told me the teacher wasn't teaching well and not using right words to speak to the child. I assured him, everything will be alright and he continued the next day.

The next day same complaint. I told him, "Child, if you don't raise up and speak for yourself the world is not going to take care of you. So next time if he using any word which bothers you, go talk to him". He was very scared to approach him at the beginning. Today he came back home and said, "I stood up and I spoke to him". I felt happy. 

Children should know how to disagree respectfully if something is not going okay with the teacher. The world is not comprised of kind people all the time. But if we know how to deal with people of all temperaments, we know how to move forward in life. As Adults, we should teach children to stand for themselves when something is not right. As a Mother, I felt happy that I educated my child to stand for himself.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Baa Baa Brown Sheep

Our regular "Baa Baa Black sheep"  always lends his wool only to his Master, his dame and the little boy. 

But this new sheep in town helps an old women to recover from her cold and chillness and he is not the regular Black sheep, instead Brown. 

Please watch this rhyme and share among your friends and families. 

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Rain Rain Come again...

As we yearn for the lovely rains everyday in this scorching summer heat, I bet this new version can definitely bring smiles.

I penned the lyrics and sung by a German Singer. Please share the link among your friends and families.