Friday, January 29, 2016


Tiny little fingers shivering in cold,
His body was hot like a furnace in mold,
His words were slow and brittle to hear,
I geared up my courage to face the fear.

His fever raising to one hundred and four,
I could not sit and watch for an hour,
My heart thumbing from here to there,
I geared up my courage to face the fear.

I took my car and drove to doctor,
Pleading his mercy to look at the matter,
He checked him from ear to ear,
I geared up my courage to face the fear.

There is an infection spread around the throat,
Medicine can do the magic is what he wrote,
I felt relieved and surmounted by peace,
Courage helped me to be at ease.

Life, sometimes sway in rocky motion,
Courage helps even to cross ocean.
Remember, when you are in the middle of crisis,
Have the courage to break all the ice and raise.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016


She danced like someone cast a spell,
Her legs won't stop until the twirl,
An exquisite order throughout the flow,
Her mind alone knew how to glow.

She wanted to show the magic secret,
Which she hid in her cabaret,
The fame, name and the glory,
Covey the side of her story.

Spinning gives her eternal joy,
Like a bride smiling in coy,
Benevolent and Beautiful is the description,
Dance, for her is the only prescription.

Celebrate life in dancing poses,
You will be only left with positive traces.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Ripple effect

It was a beautiful morning. The sun was shining bright with light orange hues spreading over the leaves. Birds were cooing and having fun. The sounds of trucks and buses meant that the city has started its day and running with full spirit.

Rama was in full excitement in preparing her son to school. She woke him by sprawling his tiny little legs or by singing sweet lullabies and also she clicks and brings the magic of little rhymes on the YouTube. Morning hours were always fun.

Her little wonderment was usually lazy in the morning until he finds he can be fit for the schedule. Once everything is done, she sends him off to the school. After her husband and son were gone for the day, Rama heads to Yoga class and the day starts for her in high note.

She tries to complete all her work according to the schedule fixed already. By the time she completes her lunch, it was almost time to pick the little toddler from school.

Evening breeze was so nice and cool, she felt like being at home and enjoy the lovely scene. Rama’s husband got stuck with work, and she had to go that day.

Rama started her car which has been practicing all these years and she amazed at herself how that came in handy for her when she needed it. The music was on. She was humming the music along with the vocalist and enjoying the ride all the way.

On the way she had to cross a bridge where only one car could go in one direction at a time. This bridge always gave a terror look whenever she needs to pass through it.

She gave a clear indication that her car is peeping thru’ by switching on/off headlight and by horn. She started and drove the car. Almost halfway on the bridge she saw a biker starting from the opposite direction. She was shocked. She had crossed almost ¾ of the bridge and she knew she can’t go back as many cars, bikes were lined up after her.

The biker was not drunk. He was completely sober and sane. He came next to Rama’s car and gave a loud bang. She was completely terrified. She couldn’t realize what has been going on around her. She opened her window and tried to see him.  She asked him, “Excuse me Sir, what do you want”? He was very furious and annoyed. 
He told Rama,” Reverse your car and go back”.

She answered him patiently, “Sir, in life and also in driving, I know only one thing, how to go forward. Looking all the way back and the cars standing behind me in big queue I can’t reverse back. I gave a clear indication before starting on the bridge. If you missed seeing my signal, I can’t do anything sir”.

Rama also said, “Since you have a bike, it would be great if you can go back and do reverse. We all can go peacefully”. By the time Rama completed her piece of advice, all the motorists, cyclists and pedestrians joined together and said in chorus,” There is nothing wrong with her, only you need to go back”. 

This judgement made him so much nervous and angry. He rattled his teeth, made all the gorilla face and finally left cursing her left to right.

Rama went to the school very cool. She was amazed at herself on how she handled the situation. If she would have used the same techniques which the biker showed given the fact that she was right, there would have been chaos everywhere and nobody would have moved an inch. Since she told her response in a very polite manner with due respect, everything turned out to be positive for her.

Later she realized, each one of us are either causing or receiving negative ripples every day. When we are the source of negative ripple, are we acting like human?

The negative ripple we spread doesn’t stay with only one person but it can grew wide and large that it can spoil a whole community. That one negative ripple can bring the worst turmoil for any human being. It can make relationships go wrong, make the country go weaker and end up taking someone’s life too.

In contrast, imagine how it would be if we spread a positive ripple. It can go and create as many positive ripples along the way. It can inspire someone. Positive ripples can achieve greatness. She was wondering on the amount of happiness which we can spread by just being the cause of positive ripple. 

She was very clear in her mind. The path she decided to walk should create and stir only positive ripples. This alone can bring the humanity back and make the world a better place to live in. 

Eternal Rest...

The day was serene and beautiful,
My baby and I were cheerful,
Enjoying the day with no limits,
Retiring to the bed with best memoirs.

A phone call rang at the odd hours,
I picked up the phone within seconds,
I could hear sobbing tears,
In the very second, I lost all my power.

Grandpa has gone on eternal rest,
A message from the voice confessed,
I froze for a moment, very stressed,
The feelings were strange and depressed.

Tears were flowing without asking me,
I was paranoid like a broken tree.
The noble human, whom I considered Hero of my life,
Went quietly without any strife.

I could see the moving past in front of me,
Relishing the nostalgic moments overflowing as sea,
I sat for a day or two sitting in solace,
To be with him on his journey towards omnipresence.

I realized later he has gone forever,
To be as one with the supreme power,
Every now and then I think about him,
I wish to live a life without any grim.

Its years he moved to the eternal glory,
He remains and reigns in my life story,
Walking on his path throughout my life,
Is what my promise and tribute unto him.

Republic day ...

Today is Republic Day,
A day to enjoy and away from dismay,
I ponder my thoughts on the Historians,
Who made this country with Victorians.

Reading the history gives me thrill,
Making a history is my will,
All the glory is only reminded for a day,
Carrying the legacy forward is my wish for everyday.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Mind Fencing

All the day around my life,
I build a fence to stay away from strife,
Temptations come in all the way,
To break my fence every other day.

A strong will and commitment keeps me disciplined,
To keep the torch glowing within,
But life has its own position to stand and stare,
To cut my fence, intrude and tear.

With strong power and determination,
I stay fit and cut frustration,
Life is still a jolly ride,
Even though fencing is part of my life.

Friday, January 22, 2016

At last....

A tall stork was standing on the riverside,
Waiting for its finest catch thereby,
Morning till noon and noon till evening,
No single fish came along nearby.

Waiting in vain, it moved on to other side,
Fishes come and disappear in strides,
Stork was annoyed and disappointed to its peak,
It wanted to go home in desperate shriek.

Another stork came and stood nearby,
It gave him company in the moment of distress.
Mr. Stork was happy and peaceful in absolute joy,  
Both discussed on the mission that annoy.

It was a moment about to quit,
A pool of fish came together to submit,
The excitement couldn't be measured in words,
Both had mouthful of dish just like nerds.

Hunger gone and peace prevailed,
Patience is the key to attain peace.
Always we won't be granted as we like,
Waiting can make the most bring right.

Thursday, January 21, 2016


I was analyzing to do some technical work in my blog. Ever since I was thinking to do that, I felt it required lot of work and I left the idea of doing it. Later I thought may be I could check with another Blog writer. This thought has been going on for few days until one day I decided to google around and check on it. I got the idea and did it instantly. It is all about sitting quietly in a place and work for it to achieve the same. I kept thinking on the same, however I didn't do any work to make it happen.

Most often many of our priorities goes like this and we may end up saying ,"I don't think it will work out for me, it is way beyond my thinking". We don't have enough patience to quiet out mind and go for the best. Many a time what we think and what we can achieve is very nearby. It is just our thoughts make the gap look so big and make us weaker. Make the thoughts strong and keep going. Definitely we will reach the brighter spot soon.

                                                  Day22 of UBC

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Fun with Mountain...

A sight from a long distance,
I could see a Mountain with rocky substance.
It looked very huge and gigantic,
The feeling made me very panic.

I went nearby to touch and feel the rough side,
The fear in me grew wide and took a ride.
I looked on the side for a path to climb by,
All were rocks, they left my hopes dry.

I saw someone in the middle of summit,
Waving hands and asking me to try a bit.
Fear inside, braving outside I decided to try,
Keeping my first step and aiming high.

Step by step I progressed towards the top,
Keeping my spirits up, without losing a drop.
The fear in me hiding away in corner,
I started the journey before a way longer.

A Mountain of distress flew like a cotton candy,
Courage and hope came together in handy.
Always move ahead, don't stand and make a stare,
Life will be easy for those who dare.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016


In one of those tiring nights, my elder son came back to me and said, " I think  I feel like taking off tomorrow to school ?". I asked him ,"Why"?. He said that he was feeling very tired and he wanted to take a day off and he went to bed. There I could hear him talking so much to his dad about one of the recent events we attended and he couldn't stop talking about it. After few minutes I could hear him coughing every now and then and he slept.

The next day morning, he woke up with a bad cough and a little sore throat and definitely that made a day off to school. I told him," Even before you suffered with cough, you have decided not to go, hence obviously it will end up in not going to school as you believed it that way". He was introspecting for a moment.

Few hours after that I thought, whatever we believe, becomes true. If I think, I can do this work even when I am tired, I know I can do. I have personally experienced few people in a contest of Public Speaking, even after their high temperatures and body aches came to the contest, gave a wonderful speech and also won. It is all based on the belief what we have within ourselves.

If we have made up a mind, that I am not going for this event or I am not going to do this for her/him, we can find thousands of excuses to make that happen. It is all what you believe can make the event/incident/memory happen for us.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Pain - Post Delivery

On a lonesome night,
I was alone with might.
Striving to keep myself strong,
From any false alarm.

It was a dull aching pain,
Like the sharp edges of Crescent Moon.
My heart was pounding in distress,
To come back normal and relieve from stress.

Catching my breath all alone,
Keeping me steady from any scene unknown.
Little by little, I progressed,
The pain fading away and I am sure to be blessed.

Pain pricked, ached and made me tired,
But the Baby’s antics made me smile and laugh,
Pain vanquished and I rejoiced.

Finally I became the full Moon one day,
Memoirs of Pain had gone away.
I learned “No pain, No gain”.

This post is written for Day 19 of UBC

God - Eternal Bliss

A moment when I forget myself,
I could sense ‘HIM’ surround thyself.
From Centipede to gigantic Whale,
‘HE’ is the one who nourish the soul.

I looked for clues on how to pray,
I searched for methods on how to align,
I curiously peeped all the scriptures,
How to call ‘HIM’ when I am in despair.

I was less fortunate, nothing worked,
It made my mind even jerked.
Days rolled and Months passed,
I found a way all the last.

I found ‘HIM’, when I smiled at my Neighbour,
I sensed ‘HIM’, when I shared anything with other,
I loved ‘HIM’, when I loved with no ego,
I was with ‘HIM’, when ‘I’ dissolved a while ago.

Let go of the search in finding ‘HIM’
Keep your mind calm and away from grim.
Let the soul enjoy the meaning of silence,
Only then, ‘HE’ descends and sits in solace.

Journey with my Father

Tiny little fingers holding very tight,
They embarked on a journey as a moving light.
Months passed, Years rolled,
Every little moment was a precious delight!

Love wrapped in dhoti,
And all great values as virtue,
A simple man among the ordinary,
Life was a breeze, but more than merry.

He was with me in every travel,
He walked with me in all the gravel.
 Life was a thorn in many occasions,
But, he withstood strong as the ocean.

He is my father alias ‘Mother’,
His care is beyond compare.
I have grown tall and my world is big,
Still, I am always his tiny twig.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Pongal Wishes

Afshan, my elder son wrote a short poem on 'Food' which got published in RobinAge few days ago. I thought it would be right to share the same as today is Pongal....…

May your life be filled with sweet memories and love as yummy as the sugarcane.

Happy Pongal!!!


A Love Song :-)

He was a stranger,
I became the charger.
When I first met him,
My joy went no dim.
His love was a kick start...
I lost my very heart.

The way he cared me,
Grew like a giant sea
The time we spent,
Was very content.
I feel, I feel, I feel
He is the perfect match for me.

Sometimes he is my mother,
Sometimes he is my friend,
And he stands with me to the very end.
Sometimes he is my soulmate,
And I always love to rotate.
I feel, I feel, I feel
He is the perfect match for me.

I am the shining star,
He is the big sky.
I am the princess,
He is the chariot.
I am the magic wand,
He is the sorcerer.
I am the disturbance,
He is the healer.
I feel,I feel,I feel
He is the perfect match for me.

I like to argue,
He likes to calm down.
I like to blame him,
He likes to apologize.
I have my priorities,
He is ok with irregularities.
I feel, I feel, I feel
He is the perfect match for me.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

'Silly' Black Crow

Black crow was inspecting a Bicycle,
Thinking for an awesome ride, if possible.
Moving the Handle Bar left to right,
Making sound with all its might.

Fellow friends came in big number,
To help the one correct the blunder.
Trying to find the trick went all in vain,
They realized the Cycle was tied with Chain.

Just then, a little Boy came in White Shorts,
Surprised to see his Cycle surrounded by Black Crows.
He unlocked it with a Silver Grey Key,
And peddled all the way with Glee.

Looking far away from a Tree,
Crows learned, it was not meant to ‘ME’.

Monday, January 11, 2016

My Inward Journey

Red Ripened Mangoes rhythmic to the wind
Green Gorgeous Leaves swaying behind
Creamy Coconut Tree waiting to touch the sky
Lovely Little Garden enjoying the high

A wonderful quantum of moment
My eyes doesn’t want to miss a second
The wonderful sight it carries
An angelic experience to relish

‘I’ was not physically present
‘I’ was dissolved into oneness
‘I’ was no longer a substance
‘I’ flew like a whirling dust

Cleansed from Head to Toe
Carried my heart like a Baby bow
Wanting to be as clear as the full Moon
With a soul too pure, so soon

Which glory of HIS wonders can I deny?
What is not, a miracle of HIM?
Every speck of dust is an Eternal Bliss
Dissolving in HIM, is my long time wish

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Rusty traits?

I wanted the bathrooms to be pristine clean. So I went and checked all the bathrooms. They were all clean. Only few areas like the pipe holdings, mirror and the brush caddy were needed to be washed. Later when the maid came, I told her, "You don't need to clean the bathroom in the usual places" and I explained her the areas where it required additional cleaning to make it more effective. Also the regular work of cleaning the usual places has been reduced that day. Only the ar...eas which needed more cleaning was showed to her. Later when I went and checked I felt satisfied that all areas were covered and cleaned.

This made me think and realize that if we keep on continue exhibiting the good traits and keep continue doing that, and also if we didn't notice our areas of improvement it will remain in the same percentage and we can never move forward. We may be good in parenting, but may not be good in punctuality , we may be really kind to others but may not be good in commitment. Likewise if we can think of the values which we need to improve or need some attention to be shaped up, I believe we need to focus and work on it diligently. Only then we can evolve as a complete human being. If we keep continue only on the good traits which we already have, the areas of improvement will remain rusty and one day it may vanish forever like the rusty iron pipes. It applies for life and in our profession too. Agree?

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Assessment Revelations

My elder son is going to have a language assessment today. Always it is very difficult for him to sit and study for the same as we don't speak Hindi at home. Ideally speaking, they should be assessed with no heavy preparation on the assessment day. As they learn in the class through the whole term, it is based on their ability to understand and introspect on the same has to be assessed.

I wonder, at myself going through long nights burning candles to get the thoughts seep in ...for the next day exam. If I think back, I was only focused on getting good marks in the exam. I didn't bother thinking whether I understood the concept or not. Life was hard too that way.

Yesterday while I was speaking to him he said, "Ma, I really didn't know one of the answer for the assessment question in Science. But later when I thought about it during my lunch break, I could able to snap it back". For a moment, the Indian motherly wisdom attacked me and I told him "If you could spent more minutes preparing for the same, you would have done the fair part in the exam too right, what is the point in knowing the answer after the assessment". After few hours, I realized myself, "Don't you think it is wonderful that he knew what it is. It is okay if he didn't write for the exam, as long as he understands, that is all necessary for life". I consoled myself and got relieved.

I believe sometimes we(Including myself) are very pushy to kids that they lose the interest in studies. As long as they understand what life is all about, I think we can sit back and relax giving only timely advices. World is changing and I also need to evolve alongside.


There is always something to learn from anyone in your life. Even the ones you think that they don't know anything. From the little child in your home to the aged grandparents there is always at least one thing to learn and implement in our daily lives. Look for that single learning whenever you meet them.

What is your learning for today?

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Counting Blessings

I cry, cry and cry
When the scene goes by
It may be real
It may be fake

But the story is great
It inspires me straight
Seeing is an experience
Seeking is brilliance

Every day or the other
I see them around
To stay on my feet
Steady fast and ground

Keeping the thoughts alive and clear
Is what my wish I adore and swear
Life always teaches me wise lessons
It’s my duty to count my blessing

Oh Lord! Thank you for the life and stories
Without it, my life would be boring
I wish my spirits go high
To keep my dreams always reach sky


Monday, January 4, 2016

A piece of advice

Yesterday my younger son was gulping a medicine which was necessary to stop diarrhea. While drinking the same, he said, "Amma, this is very sour and bitter taste, it is not good for my tongue". I immediately replied,"Honey, it is not good for the taste buds definitely, but it is very much good for the health". Then he said, "The other day I had 'Murukku'(an Indian snack) and it was really yummy for me". I said,"Eating that in bigger quantity is never good  for health". So whatever is tasty for tongue, never it is going to support the health. Very few items in the world, are good for the tongue and health. But definitely the better ones for health are not really taste enough for the tongue.

With that I was thinking on the lines, How often it is easy for us to accept feedback from others, our parents, friends and siblings. When there is anything wrong from our end, they will give feedback. Obviously if we keep our Ego aside, we know that there is a certain percentage for us to improve. We always say, advice comes for free. Why should I listen? This thought will not help us to progress further in any path of life. Be it our behavior or any performance or caring others, if we can lend our ears and listen, even though the piece of advice sometimes make us feel rude, if we sit down and think there may be certain percentage where we can take and implement. After that we should say that we are lucky enough to get a share of advice from someone which is a good sign that we are being cared. Isn't it?


Sunday, January 3, 2016


I follow myself
To be the right self
When my thoughts sway
I try to stay
To guide and check...
And to stay away from wreck

Whatever myself desires
I will have to find, if it requires
If the need is right
I will feed with bright light
If the need is wrong
I will stop from coming along

Sometimes it speaks right
Sometimes a minuscule is wrong
Whatever may be, I like to play long
Until I bring it back strong

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Unused Knowledge

For few days there has been an incoming load of junk at my Neighbour yard and they been dumping every now and then. They haven't removed the items from there yet and day after day the area is being dumped.

Looking at the pile of junk, my mind was wandering and letting me realize that even unused knowledge is a junk. Whatever I learn, if I don't try to implement at least 1% of it, there is no point in learning the same. The same would transition to kids also. If I say to my son, you should never speak bad words at any point in life and if I don't follow the same, they won't look up to me. The whole lot of junk in my neighborhood taught a profound realization today.