Thursday, March 2, 2017

Mindful Hours

One of the days, while I was writing my musings, a phone call came. I took the call curiously as it was from an unknown number.  It was my friend calling from an alternate number.  She immediately asked me, "I saw your blog. You are writing consistently every week. How is this possible. You have a family, home and children to take care. I am wondering how do you find time to do all these"?  I told her, "Yes dear, I understand, everything requires a lot of thinking and consumes time. But for the past few years, I am following a routine consistently. That is I don't have a TV connection at home".  She panicked and asked, " What? You don't have a TV at home?'. I said, "I have a TV, but with no connection".  Nobody watches TV at my home. This saves my time a little from distraction. She couldn't believe the fact that I am not using TV. 

She disconnected the phone after talking for few hours.  I was introspecting the amount of free time we get when we don't spend hours in front of an idiot box. Not only TV but even using any social media sites as well. I could see children sitting in front of the magic charm for hours and hours and lose their thinking ability.  When your TV is OFF, you talk with the real person in the living room. It is sick to see people glued to the screen and talking to people. This attitude will not help to build relationships but will destroy the human emotions. I understand we can't stop disconnecting TV immediately, however, we can reduce the non-mindful hours. If you are spending 2 hours a day watching TV, probably that can be reduced to 1 hour and henceforth. Keep a chart and track use of your limits a day. Eventually, you will reach the goal of non-mindful hours. 

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