Tuesday, September 27, 2016


The evening was breezy and cool. I was holding the hand of my 5 year old and walked towards the park. Kids of various ages were skipping, running and playing tennis inside the court. That was the first day of tennis practice for my 5 year old. He was puzzled, curious and hesitant to talk to the coach.

I was there with him till he felt comfortable and used to the environment. The Coach asked the little one to do few rounds around the park and to do few skips. That was the first day he was trying to do skipping. Whenever there was little jerk in the skipping, he always said, “I want to do a good one, so please don’t count this”. I was amazed at his determination.

          After everything was over, he went inside the court to play Tennis. His coach           allowed him to learn how to toss the ball for few minutes. With that his session was done and he was trying to interact with senior members in the team. 

Overall he enjoyed the session and the practice.
          When we came outside the court, a strange lady walked by and asked, ‘Why did you join him this early in the Tennis class? Don’t you think he is too young to take lessons"? I said to her politely, “He loves to play Tennis. So I joined the class”. 

She went away without answering anything.
           The reason for sharing this incident here is, People may come with different perspectives and solutions for you. Free advice will come from anywhere, it may be constructive for your kid or it may  be destructive. So don’t be the victims of any comment from anyone, instead think which would best suit your child, follow that and move on. That will make you climb the right ladder for you and your child.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Keep Trying

Life doesn't flow in the same way everyday. Some days we are riding high and some days really in a low pitch. It is the same with everyone. In one of those days, I was having a conundrum on one of the goals which I was trying to think and achieve. I felt like giving up and moving on.

In another side while I was cooking in the kitchen, my 5 yr old was practicing skipping. After few minutes he was shouting in angry and throwing tantrums at me. I was wondering the reason. He came to me and said, "I am not able to skip like a pro". I told him, "Honey, start with few skips, it may be irregular and not so good, but eventually you will reach there and become a pro".

When I said that reply to my younger one, it nailed me in the right corner. In one side, I was trying to think and achieve something which is way beyond my scope at the moment, but if I keep executing the same for a long period of time, I can achieve what I wanted to achieve. Anything you feel like to achieve can be accomplished when you prolong doing the same for a longer time. Keeping the awareness of the inspiring spirit will lead you to the super destination.

For me it was a life lesson learned from a minuscule guy. I never mind to learn from little ones, for they teach you lessons which is way beyond our thinking. No wonder they are the blessings of our life.

Hope you all agree.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

ReBus Story Part 3

Teasing is very common these days. Kids do suffer a lot in school due to bullying.

This story which revolves around three characters Ant, Lion and a Rabbit exhibit the way to deal with anti-bullying in ahimsa way.

Even though the solution seems to be impossible these days, if we can work on the same with children it can bring miraculous results.

Please watch the story to know more. Glad to be part of this story..

Thursday, September 1, 2016


She was shy and coy
bundled with fear;
The loudness of the mike
was crystal clear;
One by one descended 
to the center of the sphere;

Their voices arose
her curiosity ear;
Waiting for her turn
Made her anxiety appear;
Within few seconds
her name is what she could hear;

Holding the mike
for the first time here;
Shrieking and shaking
with the voice so poor;
"Let go off the fear" said
her inner voice there;

Conquest is the only way 
to get rid of the fear;
She aligned herself with
a steady voice to hear;
Applause and cheer is 
on the way near;