Monday, February 29, 2016

Lunch Revelation

I and my son were out for an assessment. We reached the venue much earlier than the confirmed time. He felt like having lunch outside in a Mall. Usually he comes along and I purchase the food for him. This time I thought let him give a try on his own. Since we had so much time in hand, I asked him to go around and look out all the shops to find out a menu of his choice and price. He came back with his choice within couple of minutes. Then I gave him the money to buy and asked him to come standing in queue. He went with the money and asked a food of his choice. The shopkeeper told him that he can't buy food with cash instead to go and get a food coupon from other counter. I advised him to go and get the cash coupon for which he said the women knows only native language. He said, "I don't think I could buy and come. Why don't you come along with me?". I insisted him to manage and get the coupon. He went again, bought the cash coupon, got the food of his choice and came back. 

He finished his sandwich wholeheartedly happy. After he accomplished the same, I asked him, "How do you feel now". He said "Great". I felt satisfied and happy that I asked him to try. I believe it is our responsibility to nurture and groom them to be very independent in facing the world.  It holds the same for us too. When we try something new, we are usually very hesitant first. Slowly we enter into the arena and then explore ourselves.  Extroverts find themselves easy to adapt to any new experience. For introverts, it takes a little longer. But as long as we keep giving exposure for our kids to be independent , even when we are not around them they can help themselves and can lead a better life. When a child comes and asks for help, we need to help only when we know that it is not appropriate for this age .Otherwise whatever be the age they are in, it is very necessary for us to teach them to be independent and to take care of themselves which is very much needed later in life.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Enchanting Roar

We go to the shore every now and then,
To gain some energy and rejuvenate again.
Ocean and the white fairy enthralls everyone,
It plays the enchanting roar for all the men.

Every ocean has a story waiting to be told,
From the depth of its bed as precious as gold.
Stories of love and hate which are very old,
It is a feed for writers to grow manifold.

I adduce its name for magnificence and power,
My sight of it brings energy surge within hour.
Every sunrise and sunset are glowing like a flower,
The gleaming waves reflect a golden shower.

Day in and Day out boats sail in the ocean,
My thoughts too wave with lot of emotion.
Sailing with the right thought lead me to devotion,
I can reach the destination without any commotion.

Friday, February 26, 2016


Martyr, the word doesn't exist,
If humanity can rule to persist.
Hatred and Vengeance are the list,
I am looking to punch with my fist.

Taking the venom out of my self,
Is the first priority I stick on my shelf.
Ego and Envy are the bad evils,
They wrath our life like a devil.

Martyrs are souls resting with God,
They are living with peace abroad.
The world is no more a better place,
For Martyrs, heaven is the best base.

To live a life of love and care,
Is the best way of living, I swear.
By honoring all my kith and kin,
A new world will truly begin.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Blanket Theory

Some experiences teach us instantly. Few of them stay in our mind for long and continue to make us realize forever. Everyone in the world has problems. We can't finger point at anyone and say that he/she doesn't have any. It all depends on how we take,proceed and execute the same to live a conscious moment every time.

Dinner time was always fun. We usually talk and discuss few questions raised by our little ones. After they had stomach full, they were heading to bed. My elder son made up his bed and soon was getting ready to sleep. I was wrapping the final touch up in Kitchen. Suddenly I could hear my elder son saying "Amma, this blanket is not enough. I believe you gave me a short blanket." As soon as I heard his tone, I rushed there to see what I kept for him that day. 

It was a normal good blanket. I was wondering on the problem. I asked him to put the blanket and he again complained ," Look here ma, this is very short to use". Looking at the sight of the usage, i immediately chuckled and laughed. Instead of covering the blanket in lengthwise, he covered it breadth wise, which made all the issue. I told him,"Affy, look at the way you use the blanket". He changed it immediately and said " oh, I am so sorry ma" and he covered it right.

In life too, we sometimes look at a problem from a different perspective. Often they look very big and serious. If we change our spectrum from a different angle, sometimes the problem may not even exist. It is in our way by in which we decide to look make or break the issue. Sometimes we experience a much wide gap in very close relationships.  Every time we encounter them,we tend to look at the experience in the same way we dealt before. Hence the perception and the problem remains the same. 

Instead, if we look at every relationship as if we are dealing for the first time erasing all the previous memories, the fact is that they look actually very simple and easy to handle.  Problems are as big as we think. If we change our thought process, even the problems take a better direction and reach the destination of peace. We are the captain of our ship, we can either steer it in the right direction and reach the shore safe and sound or we can steer without a goal. Decision is ours. What do you think?


What an odd night! Confusions and weird memories popped in. They left me lonely and dry. Multiple tiny dots were crawling around my head. It was hard to arrive at a decision. We go through these kind of feelings once in a while. I went to bed with all the clumsy thoughts quietly relaxing in my head.  

I woke up today to witness a beautiful morning. I don't usually open my balcony doors around 5.30 am. At 6, I opened the door. I saw a full moon very visible from my balcony still shining very bright and not leaving way to the sun. What a wonderful sight! I felt refreshed and relieved. I realized confusions and odd thoughts are part of my life. They play for a while and leave ,like the dark embraces night and leave in the morning. I believe perseverance and patience can pay the way for clear thoughts and a fine goal.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Coffee Story.

It was a cold winter night. She couldn’t sleep amidst the warm flowery blanket. Her confused mind waves doesn’t let her doze off. She got up from the bed.

The window curtains were moving slyly showing the surface of the peaceful sky.

She went near the window and started to do moon gazing. The scene brought down her intense heat brewing within and a cool breeze of air soothed her face and she closed her eyes.

She couldn’t forget the scene when she was badly hurt and embarrassed by her husband. It happened in the morning. She was almost ready to go to office. The breakfast has been served in the table.

She prepared two cups of coffee with extra sugar for her. He usually wants coffee with less sugar. It was just a miss. She exchanged the wrong cups.

After having a sip, his face raged in anger. He was at the top of his voice.

“How many times have I told you to add less sugar? Bad luck, I don’t have even the privilege of drinking a good cup of coffee in the morning” and he pushed the coffee table back. The coffee pot dashed on the wall and painted thick brown shades.

He yelled, shouted and scolded. When he shouts, her heart dwindle to beat. She knew nothing will work when he lets out a dragon fire.

She was very quiet. After he settled down a bit, she tried to explain the story from her side. He was no ears listening to her. 

Without uttering a single word he left to office without taking her. She cleaned up the extra mess and had to go late to office by auto.

The day has been very quiet. She sat in her desk, minus the usual charming smile. Her friends at office were nagging for reason. She said “A dull body pain” and escaped.

Evening she waited for him at the usual place. He didn’t come to pick her up. So she left home by bus. 

Much to her surprise, he was in the home already working with his laptop. She didn’t point her eyes at him. She went inside the bathroom and refreshed herself.

She didn’t make two cups of coffee, only one this time and went near the balcony. She saw birds flying high.  It was a peaceful sight.

After the last sip, she retired to the living room and took a classic in her hand to read.  It was a love story narrating the love in a very emotional way. She itched a feeling to go and talk to her husband. But the morning scene and the brown stain she saw made her stop and continued to read.

It was 7 PM and she realized the dinner has to be ready. She went to the kitchen, made a quick dinner and served on the table. She had her share and left the remaining in the casserole.

After she was done, he came and had his share. They retired to bed in two different rooms. This was the first day she had to sleep alone and she couldn’t sleep.

While she was gazing the sky near the window, she could feel a warmth hug around her waist. She turned back in shock. It was her husband gleaming with smile. He whispered in her ears, “I am sorry for what I did. Please forgive me”. She didn’t think he would come back. It was a moment of ecstasy. She hugged tight and rejoiced.

Better Conscience

It was a busy evening yesterday. We were gearing for Afshan's final theater performance in a renowned auditorium. We were asked to gather in the hall before 1 hour of the play. They informed about this arrangement couple of weeks back to all the parents via email. We went before an hour and stayed in our seats for the show to begin. To our surprise, the show started on time very precisely. After the show started, I could see few parents coming at the last minute and trying to occupy the seats which had been booked earlier by their friends and relatives. This was totally annoying and disturbing for the people who were enjoying the show and also for the kids who were showcasing themselves on the stage. The feedback has been given to the theater director. He has been kind enough to take the feedback and was agreeing on the same lines.

 I was wondering if your ward is showcasing their talents in the stage, why is it so difficult for you to turn up at the right time and render your support? Coming in the middle and disturbing the show really disrespects the children who perform on the stage and quite irritant for the people who enjoy the show. Hope our conscience can be improved for the betterment of ourselves and children.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

From that Moment....

Until I reached India, I was so religious on my physical routine. It was so easy to allocate gym hours staying in US. I always had less distraction being a nuclear family.  When I moved to this lovely country, the priorities drastically changed, from cooking to taking care of family and with relationships. Nonetheless to say, I had so much distractions which didn't allow me to sit in one place. This place is always vibrant and enchanting to not get bored so easily. Life was always fun.

After many months, I realized my physical fitness was not convincing. I used to go to a nearby gym while settling down at the same time. But it was not a serious business. Feeling guilty for not following the right routine was bothering me for months.

One fine day I saw an advertisement of Yoga studio coming up in my neighborhood. I was happy. It took few months for them to be operational. I was eagerly waiting for the day to open. Ah, one day they finally opened the studio and started letting in people. My joy was in no bounds. I registered myself as the first member and started taking sessions. It was so hard to make me flexible for the yoga postures. But day by day I was growing and working towards my fitness. It worked well. I was convinced on my performance and continued the journey.

It was almost a year and summer holidays has started. It was a long vacation for all of us. When I came back, I didn't have a mood to go to Yoga class, hence I continued working at home. It was a happy workout with myself being the instructor and the performer. After a month, I got bored seeing myself alone in the room. I was longing to go the class again. From that moment, I never looked back. I didn't want to do workout all alone and making myself miserable. Now I can happily say I am a Yogini and I will continue my journey towards physical freedom.

Thursday, February 18, 2016


Two souls of distinguished tone,
Wanted to merge as one on it's own.
Mr. and Mrs. wanders in the dream zone,
The feeling of love is always known.

They exchange vows to stay intact,
They don't want to be under ego attack.
It was presumed a pleasant fact,
Carrying the zest is everyone's act.

The journey is smooth, silky and thick,
If you share and care without being sick.
The journey is rough, tough and thin,
If you whine and cry; the life would shrink in.

Marriage is not just an Union,
It is the state of pure amalgamation.
Hearts in love stay with angels,
Hearts in detest groan with devils.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Waves

The silky waves at the shore,
Witness a splendid galore.
Varieties of human in different strides,
Walking barefoot in the sand side by side.

White froth wiggles up and down,
With lots of laughter and no frown.
It draws energy from the sun,
The waves, so called always won.

Few had inspiring stories to share,
Others had sad stories to declare.
The men and women as perfect soulmates,
Exchange their views, share and wait.

Every evening at the shore,
The waves drew closer and more.
The silky waves at the shore,
Witness a splendid galore.

They go and strive for a peaceful sleep,
From the terrific stories it heard so deep.
Until the moon comes, there is restless,
The white light emerge, the silence is endless.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Being Stereotyped - An awakening

It has been long I thought about how I look and how it has been judged. Very true, most often we been judged by our family members on what we wear and how we walk and talk. When you apply  kajal everyday in your eyes, some may say "She can't step out any single day without kajal" and if you go without it for a long days we hear comments saying
 "Why is your face looking so dull. You look so tired. You need to take care of your health". The best way is to ignore and keep going even though it disturbs for few seconds.

I was continuously going to Power Yoga for few days and a Marathon brought down my physique a little slimmer. There are few who comes and says "You look very nice and the Yoga is working so well on you" and there are some who is waiting desperately to give the comment 'You became so thin, are you doing OK? ". After few continuous comments from many bystanders and family members, I tend to feel a little doubtful on my physique and started checking at me everyday in the mirror asking myself "Is everything OK with you ?". Later I took it so seriously that I checked myself for Diabetes to make sure everything is fine. My husband rolled in laughter looking at me. True, they come and thrash us sometimes. We need to put our thinking caps on to accept what we need to intake and what we need to expel.

Sometimes when I wear a fancy earring the comments would be like "Don't you have a gold earring?" and some would say "Does your ear develop allergies after wearing this, I can't afford to wear this all day long. I wonder how you wear every time". It was daunting me hitherto few years back. As maturity begets, everybody evolves in their own arena. 

I cover myself with veil being from a traditional Muslim family whereas I don't wear when I run for Marathons or give a speech during Toastmasters. I always wear my comfort level of dress.  I do prefer saris during weddings, Salwars and long skirts while going out for a stroll. I like myself in yoga attire while going for Yoga. I believe, I try to balance for the roles which I intended to play which can bring the best out of myself accordingly. It doesn't matter what you wear and how you appear. Ultimately what speaks for you is the person you are at heart, a little kindness for fellow neighbors,family and friends, helping tendency for anyone out there reveal your personality. Also if you dress for the occasion, it is really going to add value  for the moment and you can be at your best.

My Policy in life is whenever I see anyone very vibrant and charming I always say "You look very beautiful, nice and charming". When they look dull or not good I just smile and go without uttering single comment. A note of appreciation will always life the spirit up a little higher and elevate them to do more good.

Take a look at some of the startling figures that the Nihar Naturals #IAmCapable survey conducted by Nielsen India reveals:
a. 69% of men agree that their judgement of women is based on their looks.
b. 64% of women agree that the judgments passed on them have affected their ability to reach their true potential.
c. 70%of women agree that majority of judgments on women are from family members or friends rather than strangers.
d. 72% of women agree that working women face more judgments on their looks or their clothes than housewives.

nihar-naturals-statistics-women (1)

"I’m breaking stereotypes based on appearance by sharing my experience for 
the #IAmCapable activity at BlogAdda in association with Nihar Naturals.”

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Are you a listener?

It was a dull morning. My little son had a sore throat and coughing badly. We both were discussing on what could make him a little better. In the meanwhile the doorbell rang. I was curious to check the wanderer. It was my maid. She was a always a cheerleader and today I saw her very dull. I was wondering at the coincidence. 

I started conversing with her about her day and after few sentences she broke down and started crying. It was about the misunderstanding she had with her husband and how that morning was ruined by him. She went on discussing about it and expecting a possible solution to be uttered from my mouth. Except I listening to her and be along in her lines, I didn't do much talking or giving any advice. After she burst out everything to me, she became free and said to me "Thanks for being there". Otherwise I would go home and think about the same and I may think all tragic thoughts. Because I shared everything with you I am feeling light and going home peacefully. 

I was wondering at myself later that day, I didn't make any effort to give my sincere advice to her on how to talk, how to act during those situations. Instead I was just listening to her lending my ears. It made everything go easy and she returned home at least with a peace of mind. It doesn't mean that we need to always render advice to people who comes and share their stories. We can just be a listener to them and that can make their day alright. 

The purpose of living for that day is solved if you can just listen to someone their share of story for sometime. When was the last time you being as the listener?

Thursday, February 11, 2016


I had to pick up my younger son from school. I booked an auto and waited for a long time. But the auto didn't turn up. After couple of minutes, I booked a cab which came at the right time. I went and got him from school. We were coming back. We were almost near our home. The cab driver knew the way back as I was instructing him the same while going to the school. We were at a signal, instead of taking a U- turn he took a right turn and it ended up circling the same place. He knew immediately after taking the distant route and he asked me, "Sorry".

I said, "It's OK". In addition to that he cut the pay meter before reaching the home itself and he explained me,"It's my fault for not taking the short route. So I am stopping the meter now itself". I was shocked, surprised and overwhelmed. 

When people are freaking out so much in the road, here is a person who rose high in humanity. I was astounded and dumbstruck. I have no words except to say "Thank you". When we have a lot to blame in life, I believe there is so much to appreciate and celebrate. Instead of cribbing each one on the road when we go which is a generic scenario on Indian roads, I understand there are super human beings also live by. Let us not use our predefined spectacles to look at the world. Think good, most probably you will end up with a positive result at the end of the day.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016


I long for you every day and night,
To come and sit beside me for a quick chat.
I see your days are busy and long,
I know you forgot , which is very wrong.

I long for the magic bike rides in full spin,
That's all seems to be a mere dream to begin.
I long for you to hold my hand and walk,
But there is no sign of you willing to talk.

I long for you to give me a gentle pat,
When I achieve dreams just like that.
I long for you to care for me,
When I am down in spirits as wide as sea.

I long for you throughout my life,
It doesn't seem to end in my dream or real life.
In waiting for you, my love unfolds,
To carry the zest for life to the gates of gold.

Longing is painful described by many,
The outcome is so precious observed by plenty.
The next time you long for something special,
Trust that life's wonderful gift won't come in normal vessel.

Monday, February 8, 2016

My Learning factor

I woke up very early morning. It was thick dark and chilly weather. I knew, it was going to be a super special day. The fact is I was getting ready to run my 5th Marathon. I was truly excited. I geared up with all the necessaries for the day. After I got ready, I triggered my 10 year old to get up and ready. He got up as soon as I pronounced his name.

But to my disappointment, he was having a very bad wheezing and cough. He couldn't breathe properly. After doing preliminary remedies, I told him, “How are we going to proceed with the day? Shall we quit or should I leave you with another volunteer while I run? What do you think is the best idea?” I waited for his opinion. Before I could consider any of the option he said “I am running”. His reply was nerve-wracking and I was completely confused.

We both got ready. I booked an auto and asked him to drop us in the nearby train station as I know parking a car in the heavy crowd will be challenging. The auto driver dropped us in the station as discussed and he left. We went inside the station and waited for the ticket master to arrive. To our dismay, he was not coming any sooner. Only few men were there in the early morning.

 I was little scared. But knowing that my son is around, I was relaxed. I braved myself and asked them what time is the first train to reach the Beach station. They both replied, “In another 10 minutes”. I believed them and waited.

Time was running and I couldn’t see any sign of the ticket counter being opened. In the meanwhile I squeezed some biscuits and warm water to my son and asked him to relax as we had no clue on how to reach the destination at the moment. Few minutes later, a tall and stout lady came by. I was overjoyed seeing a female company. Again we waited for few minutes.

There was no one arriving at the counter site. The lady who came supposedly seemed to be an intelligent being. She moved the board which closed the counter slot and tried to speak. I was thinking she must be crazy. Who in the world she was going to talk as of now?

But to my surprise, I saw a man hiding inside the room behind the open counter. He must be sleeping all through the time making all of us fool. I asked him, “When is the first train to Beach station”. He replied very casually “At 6.55 AM”. Immediately I started to panic as the Marathon starts at 7 AM. There is no way we are going to reach on time for the event which is very important for both of us. I cursed my husband vividly for not joining with us in km, instead of running 21 Km.

I was very clear. We need to run. My mind wandered and thought what could be the next option. I booked another auto which came in 15 minutes time. By the time the auto arrived I saw two other runners heading towards the station.  I stopped them saying the first train starts very late. Hearing that they both joined with us in the auto. Soon the auto gobbled all four of us and we wheeled in the breezing cold wind in the early morning.

 What fun it is to ride the auto in the snow chilled air. We experienced abundance and all the world’s best experiences torched in front of the eyes. The moving lights, newspaper boys stacking the dailies, empty roads and less pollution a super wonderment in the morning. That was a purely a serene moment.

All four of us with two new faces started to chat like as though we knew each other for ages. Among the two, one was girl and it was her first marathon. She was discussing on the nuances of marathon thinking me as an avid runner. It was fun discussing and relaxing to feel that we are going to reach the place soon. Almost more than half way, the auto stopped. The auto driver was trying to make some stories and not making any progress. My threshold timer has stopped. I told him to get the money and leave us off.

We went to the road and started to look for other alternatives. In the meanwhile, my son was excited and his wheezing was trying to hide under his enthusiasm. I was feeling happy to see that change in him. Soon a SUV was racing very fast and I waved my hands in big circular motion standing in the middle of road that he left with no choice except to stop for us.  Surprisingly, there were also couple of marathon runners inside. Finally we were relieved. They reached the destination very soon and dropped us in the right spot.

I checked the time it was 7.00 AM. The balloons has already started flying. The countdown has started. By the time we reached the start point it was almost 7.06 AM and the crowd made their first step towards freedom. The energy surge, the music and the vibration made me shed tears. The crowd was so much that we couldn’t intrude the starting point at any case. So we made a dare jump through the bridge walls and joined the crowd.

The music was so peppy and exhilarating which left us focused on the run. We began our journey holding hands together. I checked his wheezing again. He was OK, but not very well. I was little worried. I was continuously checking on him. I told him not to run, instead do a fast pace walk. He was doing very well. After 1.5 km, he suddenly had the urge to run for short distances for which I said fine. He ran for few minutes and stopped. His heart was thumping so loud and I had to stop to check on him. On the way he fell on the ground once and I was happy that he didn’t feel embarrassed and I didn’t give time for him to do that.

We continued our journey, sometimes as slow runners, sometimes with brisk walk we raced forward. I was constantly checking on him. During the past marathons, around almost 5 to 6 km he used to lose energy and continuously whine that he couldn’t run further. I was so amazed to not hear any frustration or whining sound from him. I was also very relaxed. I knew that I can’t run as usual this time as I need to keep in pace with my son. I actually prepared my mind well in advance which helped me to do a better race.

Our joy was in no bounds when we heard that we finished almost 8 km. I was very happy seeing him run with no complaints in spite of wheezing this time. There were many inspirations on the way. Women in wheel chair, Man with artificial legs, Special children being the recipients of charity were all there in the way to motivate. It was a splendid moment. It was easy that way for me to motivate him. He ran and walked. I knew he was suffering to breathe. But he continued. He wanted to reach the goal. His goal was a booster for me to run.

We did not stop anywhere except for short snacks, water and electrolytes. Our destination was only 1.5 Kilometers away.  We saw an Auto driver taking video of runners in the early morning. It made me smile.  He must be inspired. It was almost 500 meters to the destination. I asked him,” Do you want to run or walk till the destination”? He said “I want to run’ and we both ran. It was a super fantastic journey together reaching the finishing point as winners.

Yei!! Hip! Hip! Hip! Hurray!!. Three cheers for us. I held his hands and hugged. I asked him, “How do you feel now”? He said “Ma, My wheezing is gone”. I was very happy. It almost looked like magical miracle. Few hours back, I saw this boy struggling for breath and now absolutely happy and healthy. I thanked the supreme power for the changeover moment. It was an immense gratification. I realized my thoughts and goal is very powerful than the physical body.

If you are destined to do anything by all your heart no matter what you might experience in the health, you can still achieve what you wanted to achieve. My son taught me a great lesson. He is the motivating factor for this Marathon and all my past marathons. I salute him from the bottom of my heart.  It was a life lesson learned in the most comfortable way. I am loving the experience.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Tree wisdom

Green trees in wisdom,
Swaying in slow motion system.
They are gigantic and very tall,
Excited and happy to see all.

They hear the whispers in loud tone,
Coming from the very big crowd 
                                   who always moan.
Hearing all the horror stories,
Dawn till dusk from the worry dolls.

They shed their leaves in panic and fright,
To face the world every day and night.
Their happiness seems to fade away,
Pain is the feeling every other day.

Days and months were flying away fast,
A group of children came and play last.
Giggles and laughter echoed the woods,
Brought back the charm in the neighborhood.

The trees and the leaves were beaming and glowing,
Once again buoyant,delighted and joyful.
Solitude and horror went on a long vacation,
It was always a moment of celebration. 

Friday, February 5, 2016

Identity ?

I often been termed as nerd,
By my friends and family herd.
Glad I was with the identity,
Until I knew the harsh reality.

I have been fondly called as wife,
By my husband who shares his life.
Glad I was with the identity,
Until I knew the harsh reality.

I have been pampered as mother,
By my children who loves one another.
Glad I was with the identity,
Until I knew the harsh reality.

I attempt to identify myself as Blogger,
                                             a Runner,
                                        a Story teller,
                       and a Yoga Practitioner,
Until I was confused and lost.

I tried to identify the quiet 'I',
It was dissolved in rhythmic high,
There is no tag attached, nor that is named identity,
It was a formless and shapeless entity.

I am happy as always in oscillation,
"Jill of all trades" is my new occupation.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Ego & Surrender

It was thick dark,
Evil descends as shark.
Men and women in ruthless behavior,
Ego was superseding in flawless fervor.

There were many wars in the past,
Hatred and distress wore a cast.
World was not so quiet,
Everybody shut their ears tight.

After years,

It was one of the finest morning,
Sun rose with a peaceful yawning.
Deep silence everywhere, an unusual bliss,
Birds in sky, didn't want to miss.

A sheer wisdom and joy intrude the souls,
To carry them on a journey with higher roles and goals.
Ego went a long way to be seen,
Clarity and surrender made the world evergreen.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Love and Laughter

The winds were blowing gracefully. Coconuts, Palm trees and little shrubs were all swaying and dancing with the wind. It was a wonderful evening. I felt like staying at home and have a little chat with my darling husband. I realized later that he had some work and he cannot spare his precious moments with me, but with his favorite laptop. I was upset and moved on. Few minutes later we realized that I need to take my son for his theater class considering the performance is going to be around the corner soon.

We packed all his belongings for the class and started. I took my car, switched on AC and deep dived into soul soothing music and drove peacefully. Meanwhile I dropped my younger critter with my husband. I knew I can’t handle him in the class. I reached the theater class and my son went inside and started to practice his session.

I was waiting outside in the corridor and started to read. Few minutes later I had a phone call. I reluctantly picked up the call as I was engrossed in the book. It was from my husband. He told me the little one was being so much restless and he wanted to do something interesting. I told him to give some TV time, so he would not disturb for another 20 minutes. I also warned him to switch off the TV after the threshold time.

He listened everything and kept the phone. I continued reading my book. After few minutes again he called. This time I was very irritated. I was mumbling to myself, “This is the only time I left my son with him and he is not able to take care”. With much fuss I took the call. He asked me a question which I never expected. I was in a state of shock. He inquired, “Can you explain how to switch on the TV?” My eyes wobbled, puzzled and quizzed.

I asked him once again, “Can you repeat the same question?” I wanted to make sure what I heard is right that I am not assuming anything or daydreaming. Trust me, he asked the same question again. I pinched myself to make sure that I was not living in the Stone Age. I told him the procedure to make it work.  He did the same over phone and it worked. We were all relieved.

My son finished his theater class and we both got in the car. I laughed all the way home. I couldn’t stop laughing and my bad mood was off in seconds.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Countless Chatter

I was lying in the bedroom,
In my mind, countless of thoughts boom.
I blame myself for the war within,
It is temporary,so I let live and win.

My spirit was hard as wooden trunk,
A treasure unfolded like a noble monk.
I am stronger than the countless thoughts,
Impossible is a word out of sight and well-wrought.

I got up from bed and walked like a nerd,
I continued my day with the chatter unheard.
I put on my lipstick and went on a spree,
Carrying my positive fragrance everywhere with me.