Thursday, August 25, 2016


As the sun rises,
Mixing Orange and Yellow hues;
The entire Universe rejoiced;
Birds were blooming with happiness;
The mighty sea was meditating in Peace;
All the souls in the world were in Ecstasy;

The Omnipresence intended to descend;
Every bit of Universe was enlightened;
The collective synonym was Peace;
Every soul of wisdom transcended 
       to taste the silver lining;

The entire Universe rejoiced;
Only love and no hatred ruled the world;
The existential glory was reinstated;
As the sun rises,
Mixing Orange and Yellow hues;
Another serene morning began;

Monday, August 15, 2016

A little Chipmunk

The sound of a little chipmunk;
Refresh my lazy bones;
His laughing and munching;
Make the happy hour zone;
The busy schedules are set aside;
All of us found a corner to hide;
He opened his mouth little wide;
Stuffed all the grains inside;
Whispering voices from the corner;
She felt the situation wasn't in order;
So she jumped out of the border;
Hitched on a tree keeping warmer;
All the blues and gloom was gone;
A fine morning descend ON;

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Predator and Prey

Ethereal clouds show me a fantasy;
Millions of spiritual dust form a reality;
My eyes are hooked to the serendipity;
My vocal chord registered the voice "Epiphany";

The scene in the sky shows no duplicity;
My legs stayed in the balcony happily;
I was astounded by the predator;
I gladly let myself a prey to the 
                       world's finest editor;