Friday, December 30, 2016

Year End Memories

We are almost at the end of the year. How do you feel? I know it's sad that we are leaving behind our 2016 memories, but we are glad that a new year is beginning. 

Before few months, I was doing my regular mundane work of taking care of my home and family like everyone else. Slowly, the corporate dream within myself emerged wanting me to work as the boys grew up. When I started searching for jobs, I got few lucrative offers. When I was about to sign one of the offers, I asked myself, is this what I wanted to do on a long run. 

After a long thought process for a week, I realized my interest or my passion was somewhere else. I found I liked myself to spend time with the children. I like being with them, talking and discussing anything under the sun. So I thought, why not to choose the same as my passion. 

Hence the birth of 'Story Carpet". I don't look at this as a company or brand, instead of a mission to achieve greater transformation for children and parents including myself. It has been a great year by conducting "Story Carpet " programs in Schools and Corporates with various sessions and transformed around 2000 children. Apart from these, we have released 50 Audio Stories through WhatsApp every week. We also have plans to include various programs to benefit children.

At the end of the day, I always get to hear an appreciation from a parent or teacher. Personally, I know many children don't go to sleep without listening stories from Story Carpet. It is very fulfilling when a parent calls and enquire about the delay in posting the audio story. 

I was only a homemaker before a couple of months. Now, you all know the story of Story Carpet. Every one of you has a dream or passion. It is not necessary to do the same work every day if you don't like it. As the New Year is going to dawn within few days, let the New you begin a new vibe with a new dream or passion. 

Hunt your passion in the darkest hour.Figuring out the right substance for you will prolong your energy for lifelong and emerge as a star of the universe and emerge as a star of the universe.  You can always reach out to me if you need anything for your children or yourself. 

Wishing you a Happy New Year. A year to dream, work hard and achieve the goal with lots of fun and energy. May you find your biggest passion and reach heights in your life.

You can view the details of "Story Carpet" in the below link: 

Thursday, December 22, 2016


It was a Thursday Morning. I was all set with a mood to pack and go on a vacation. A call came in the morning. I took the call with a bit of hesitancy.  Soon I realized it was from my friend. I lost her contact a while ago. She told me, "Hey, your voice sounds interesting. Do you mind rendering your voice to a business promotion"?  She called for an appointment which happened to occur in another 2 hours. I said "Yes' finally.

I doubted myself on the commitment. I finished all my chores in a hurry and headed towards the destination. It came as a surprise when I reached the venue
on time. 

 I had the requirement ready. We modified the script. Then I took a trail in the voice recorder.  The audio was alright after a 3rd attempt. I completed the work and left home.

My friend called me after few days. She told me after the video was displayed, many investors raised their hand for the investment. It was a huge success.  I was happy hearing the update.

In life, the most hesitant work gives you the biggest credit. I realized when we involve our heart and mind towards any work it brings magnitude. Let us submerge ourselves in anything we do, may it be parenting or career or social work give yourself 100 percent. When you give yourself completely or lose yourself in the work you do, you will yield a result greater than your dream. 

Thursday, December 8, 2016

An Inspiring Leader.

On December 5th, 2016, the news came stating that our honorable CM J. Jayalalitha is no more. I couldn't believe that it would stir something within me. I am not a keen observer of politics, yet I always adore her as an individual. I thought she would fight and come back home strong. Whenever they announced holidays on anyone's death during my school days, it had never affected me as I looked those days as a moment of vacation. Nothing else.

But this time, the news about Jayalalitha made me cry. As I started learning about her, the amount of respect grew enormously.She made me realize that anything is possible in this world with a clear goal in mind. She had the amount of strong determination and the attitude of achieving greatness. Even though she couldn't make up her personal life the way she wanted to, she always took up what came to her and achieved success. She achieved this level even without a strong family support.

I know Story Carpet is meant to release stories. Some stories entertain us. Some stories teach us moral values. Some stories make us realize how we can evolve strongly. Despite being a woman, she marched ahead to create history. Her story is an inspiration for all of us. Any women will look up to her for all the qualities she displayed in a golden platter. May her soul rest in peace. Let us all learn one good quality from her and try to implement in our life too.

Thursday, December 1, 2016


 How do you feel when you enter your parent company after a span of 13 long years? Must be wonderful, isn't it? I felt the same when I saw the signboard of the company. Yes! it read Accenture. This was the first MNC I get to work with after my Engineering course.  After a long gap of 13 years, I entered the same company to conduct a program for Children.

I was excited and enthralled seeing the children in uniform. I felt refreshed. The principal and the teachers of the school were there with the children. They were very keen and all ears towards the session. The session went well.I was about to head back to my home. 

But the voice from the principal held me back to stay there for a while. She had a notebook in her hand and she was narrating the positivity of the whole session. Not only from my session but from each and every section of the program. I was amazed to hear her evaluation of the whole program. 

That moment I realized, if the leader is vibrant and positive those who surrounded by the leader will always be positive and inspiring. I could see the teachers and the children carry a mesmerizing smile throughout the session. I learned that when I keep myself in good spirit, the people surrounded by me will also be on the same lines.I believe we all can do our fractional part in making a revolution as the consumers of this planet.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Magnified Gratitude

It was a warm Sunday afternoon. I felt like taking a cozy nap. But we had to head out for a speakers forum for a contest. So the idea of sleeping was destroyed. After a sumptuous lunch, we got ready and drove to the destination. We reached on time. The venue was well arranged and everybody was all set in place for the contest. The contestant's age group varied from 5th grade to 10th grade.

 They were all in the mood of preparing and delivering the best in the speech contest. As I was also on the team, I got to interact with many members. While I was in a discussion with a parent, I remembered her daughter singing on a big stage and was about to telecast in a TV. 

 I told the parent that her daughter sung well and that song was my favorite number. She said "Thanks" and we parted ways.

 The Contest went well. We finished everything and came back home late night. Around 10'O clock I got a ping in the Whatsapp. I checked the message. It was from the girl who sung well.

It read, "Thanks so much for letting my Mom know that I sang well". It came as a surprise for me. I talked all this to her mother. Like every one of us, she also would have discussed the same at home.

 But how many of us would take some time to tell our gratitude for the person who wished for us? Leave about adult, she was a school child probably from 8th or 9th grade. I was mesmerized.

If a child has the innate nature of gratitude in them, I wonder the maturity of the child when she grows up. Definitely, I believe it is only of the very holistic healthy habit which we all need to instill in our children by the way we practice in our life. Do you all agree?

Thursday, November 17, 2016

External Factor

It was a Sunday morning. As usual, I was too lazy to get up from bed. The smell of morning lilies and the lovely little birds did not allow me to open my eyes. The weather was extremely pleasant. In the midst of all the goodness, there was a disturbance. It was my phone. I cursed myself for not keeping in the silent mode. My dream was scampered. I immediately jumped from the bed in the mood of taking my mobile.

I said, "Hello, Good Morning". She replied saying, "Hi, can I speak for few minutes?". I wondered and puzzled. She continued, "There is a storytelling competition being planned near a school, next to my house. I thought to enroll my son for the same. If you can send me a story, then my son could practice and showcase for the event". I said, "I can very well do that. I will send the story in Whatsapp and you can ask your son to go over the same". She kept the phone and I continued my chores for that day.

The next day, she called again. This time she asked me whether I could record the story and send to her. Initially, I was not in a mood to accept the deal. I had a set of work which I was supposed to complete that day. So I felt this would be a big burden for me. I was very hesitant to accept the same. Since she was very interested in making that possible, I was also in a mood to jump in for the activity.

The first time I recorded the story, there were many mistakes. I recorded it once again. The mistakes were reduced. Gradually my work has progressed.  I could complete the recording in the fifth attempt. Finally, I shouted and said, "Hurray". I sent the voice recording of the story to her.

After hearing the story, she said a very positive feedback and a bunch of heartfelt thanks. Listening to her words kept my energy boosted. So I thought to circulate the same to few of my close friends. They replied with a lot of positive feedback and that led to the movement of sending audio stories through Whatsapp. Glad to hear from many friends that they use this as their children's bedtime stories. 

Sometimes in life, we need an external push to do something which exists in our caliber. We may not be aware of our innate strength. It is very hard to accept that energizing factor with a confused mind. If we stand out from our regular thoughts and practices and analyze the  brighter good we will have clarity. So next time, when something pushes you beyond your limit, believe that you are heading towards another best.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Positive Ripples

   It was a wonderful Sunday morning. I was gearing up for my storytelling session in Anna Centenary Library near Kotturpuram. There were many children along with their parents eagerly waiting to listen to the stories.
We started our session on time. The stories were narrated in a timely manner and ended on time. The stories carried a message to keep trying until success.

After the session was over, there were two children who stood up and wanted to speak. First, it was amazing to see children willing to speak. I listened to the first child. She said, "Aunty, I was trying to make an Origami craft. Initially, it was very hard. I kept trying and finished it good".

The second boy stood up and spoke, "I did some project in chemistry, it was very tough in the beginning. I thought I will not be able to complete. But I tried hard, then I succeeded".

Another tiny little boy said, "It's hard for me to wake up in the morning. I think I will try next time". 

It was an extraordinary morning to hear those tiny voices speak above their level of maturity. Stories are a great way to help them visualize the positivity and I am happy that I was the instrument that day. It's great to see that the idea of spreading positive ripples through stories have started to begin. Let it rise and create more ripples and make the world a little more beautiful every day. 

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Coffee Cup

It was a wonderful morning. I was back from my regular yoga session. I was puzzled by the absence of my maid for a long time. “She must have been here by now. Why so late?” I was mumbling to myself. Before I could think all of that, I see my maid opening my door. Hah! I was relieved. Unfortunately, there were a lot of vessels to be cleaned, floor to be mobbed and dresses to do laundry. She started slowly, did everything in a good pace and finished all of that chores and left home. Usually, she has her cup of coffee after all the work. 

Before she started her work, I told her very clearly that the coffee was ready and kept near the oven. She too agreed and continued the work. After I completed my set of work and came to the kitchen I could see the coffee still there. I immediately called her number and asked why she didn't drink the same. She immediately replied, "Amma, I forgot" and she kept the phone.

The next day she came to my home as usual and told me that her mother was so happy and surprised about my phone call and she felt that someone in the world is caring for her daughter. I was smiling and felt good. I am not posting here just boasting myself or blowing an achievement, but to make myself and you aware that a small act can make a big difference for others. Few soothing words told at the right moment genuinely can bring a great difference for ourselves and others. Come on, let's make the world a little more beautiful every day. 

Friday, October 28, 2016

The School Exhibition and a Learning

A few weeks back, we had an invitation to attend a School exhibition. All parents were invited. It was the first time the school is conducting an event like this. I was very excited. I completed all my chores in the morning hours and started to get ready to school. It was a heavy traffic and so we reached the school tad late. I went to see all the exhibits. The children did fabulous creations and explaining the same to everyone tirelessly.

   By the time I reached my son’s class, it was time to wrap up. My 10-year-old was little upset that I reached late. I convinced him. While we were discussing something with his class teacher, a boy from his class came towards us and expressed his worry about not getting an autograph from a celebrity who visited their school in the morning. His class teacher and I tried to explain him not to worry on the same. He was okay. It was just a single interaction. He also left the place and I moved somewhere else to see the exhibit.

   After completing a full round in the school, I was about to go home. The same boy whom I had seen before few hours came and said bye to me very gently and graciously. I was touched. We had a very little interaction for few minutes. Yet when he came to me and said bye, I felt very good. This created a great impression on the boy.

 This impression made me realize that I forgot to do something for a friend whom I promised earlier. I saw her on the way. I told her my apology regarding the same. She said, “Hey, that’s ok”. I felt good that I discussed with her. After coming home, I realized one good impression left by a child allowed me to change my perspective. He touched me, in turn, I touched somebody’s life on the way. We don’t need to be one of the world’s famous personality to make a change, we can make a huge positive ripple just by being our self and imbibe anything good on the way. 

Thursday, October 20, 2016


Did you notice the above posters? Did it trigger something within you? You felt saying, “Wow, a great poster”? This has been created by a friend named Shenbagam. She is working full time in a corporate sector. She squeezed her time and did a lot of effort in making wonderful posters for Story Carpet. 

On this day, I felt like saying my heartfelt gratitude for the beautiful person who worked tirelessly to sprinkle some goodness around with her magic wand. Story Carpet is being cradled by many wonderful people who is always been there with me thick and thin. I like to thank each one of them. Goodness exists in the world because good people and good thoughts are around all the time.

If you feel like saying "Thanks" to someone in your life who has been instrumental in making you of what you being today, write a letter, make a phone call or ping a WhatsApp and express your gratitude. It may be your husband, your children or your parents or relatives or friends. Your gratitude makes a difference in your life and their lives. 

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Jumping fun

Pooja holidays were much fun. I hope many had gone out for vacation. I assume those who stayed at home had fun filled days with your children. It remains the same with me. We had a fabulous time together. 

We talked, laughed and entertained us.  It was one of those days, my little 5 year was jumping from the sofa. Initially I didn’t notice what he was doing. 

When I focused my eyes on him, he got down and then he moved two books in the front and started to jump. I asked him, “What are you doing?” He said, “I am keeping the books as my target and I am planning to jump further ahead of the books”. I was astonished and excited.

After watching him doing jumps continuously I instructed him, not to do the same for a long period of time. He immediately turned to me and said, “I need to do my best jump”. I have no words. I kept quiet for few more minutes.

As he started to play again, I wondered at myself, am I keeping a goal and doing my best for the day or the day just goes on like every day. This question is definitely a take away for me to ponder on the thoughts and work at myself. Anything can be learned from anyone as long as we are willing to learn. Do you all agree?

Monday, October 3, 2016


I was looking at the sky and mesmerized at the beauty of the clouds transforming into different shapes and sizes. The scene I saw few minutes back in the sky didn’t exist now. I could see an alter ego. This show has been played so well for a good period of time. A magic movie in the sky with no cost involved.

When I was observing the clouds transforming into different shapes and communicating with the fellow transformations, I realized something beautiful.

Few years back, when I quit my software career for the sake of my home and children, I was wondering what to do and utilized my being into writing. After publishing few articles in Magazines, I was very interested towards creating a positive version of children rhymes with Magic Box Animation and also my very own blog, Positive ripples.

After few years, I was much interested towards Toast mastering and Yoga. In another few years, I was drawn towards Storytelling. The path was diversified. Nothing came by force. As I traveled along the path, whatever I liked kept embracing me soft and gentle. I enjoy being an instrument in the journey. When I look back and see the path, it is very contented and beautiful.

As the clouds transform once again, I don’t know where the path will carry me. As I flow, I begin once again. Life is a journey. Enjoy it as the way it comes. 

Tuesday, September 27, 2016


The evening was breezy and cool. I was holding the hand of my 5 year old and walked towards the park. Kids of various ages were skipping, running and playing tennis inside the court. That was the first day of tennis practice for my 5 year old. He was puzzled, curious and hesitant to talk to the coach.

I was there with him till he felt comfortable and used to the environment. The Coach asked the little one to do few rounds around the park and to do few skips. That was the first day he was trying to do skipping. Whenever there was little jerk in the skipping, he always said, “I want to do a good one, so please don’t count this”. I was amazed at his determination.

          After everything was over, he went inside the court to play Tennis. His coach           allowed him to learn how to toss the ball for few minutes. With that his session was done and he was trying to interact with senior members in the team. 

Overall he enjoyed the session and the practice.
          When we came outside the court, a strange lady walked by and asked, ‘Why did you join him this early in the Tennis class? Don’t you think he is too young to take lessons"? I said to her politely, “He loves to play Tennis. So I joined the class”. 

She went away without answering anything.
           The reason for sharing this incident here is, People may come with different perspectives and solutions for you. Free advice will come from anywhere, it may be constructive for your kid or it may  be destructive. So don’t be the victims of any comment from anyone, instead think which would best suit your child, follow that and move on. That will make you climb the right ladder for you and your child.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Keep Trying

Life doesn't flow in the same way everyday. Some days we are riding high and some days really in a low pitch. It is the same with everyone. In one of those days, I was having a conundrum on one of the goals which I was trying to think and achieve. I felt like giving up and moving on.

In another side while I was cooking in the kitchen, my 5 yr old was practicing skipping. After few minutes he was shouting in angry and throwing tantrums at me. I was wondering the reason. He came to me and said, "I am not able to skip like a pro". I told him, "Honey, start with few skips, it may be irregular and not so good, but eventually you will reach there and become a pro".

When I said that reply to my younger one, it nailed me in the right corner. In one side, I was trying to think and achieve something which is way beyond my scope at the moment, but if I keep executing the same for a long period of time, I can achieve what I wanted to achieve. Anything you feel like to achieve can be accomplished when you prolong doing the same for a longer time. Keeping the awareness of the inspiring spirit will lead you to the super destination.

For me it was a life lesson learned from a minuscule guy. I never mind to learn from little ones, for they teach you lessons which is way beyond our thinking. No wonder they are the blessings of our life.

Hope you all agree.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

ReBus Story Part 3

Teasing is very common these days. Kids do suffer a lot in school due to bullying.

This story which revolves around three characters Ant, Lion and a Rabbit exhibit the way to deal with anti-bullying in ahimsa way.

Even though the solution seems to be impossible these days, if we can work on the same with children it can bring miraculous results.

Please watch the story to know more. Glad to be part of this story..

Thursday, September 1, 2016


She was shy and coy
bundled with fear;
The loudness of the mike
was crystal clear;
One by one descended 
to the center of the sphere;

Their voices arose
her curiosity ear;
Waiting for her turn
Made her anxiety appear;
Within few seconds
her name is what she could hear;

Holding the mike
for the first time here;
Shrieking and shaking
with the voice so poor;
"Let go off the fear" said
her inner voice there;

Conquest is the only way 
to get rid of the fear;
She aligned herself with
a steady voice to hear;
Applause and cheer is 
on the way near;

Thursday, August 25, 2016


As the sun rises,
Mixing Orange and Yellow hues;
The entire Universe rejoiced;
Birds were blooming with happiness;
The mighty sea was meditating in Peace;
All the souls in the world were in Ecstasy;

The Omnipresence intended to descend;
Every bit of Universe was enlightened;
The collective synonym was Peace;
Every soul of wisdom transcended 
       to taste the silver lining;

The entire Universe rejoiced;
Only love and no hatred ruled the world;
The existential glory was reinstated;
As the sun rises,
Mixing Orange and Yellow hues;
Another serene morning began;

Monday, August 15, 2016

A little Chipmunk

The sound of a little chipmunk;
Refresh my lazy bones;
His laughing and munching;
Make the happy hour zone;
The busy schedules are set aside;
All of us found a corner to hide;
He opened his mouth little wide;
Stuffed all the grains inside;
Whispering voices from the corner;
She felt the situation wasn't in order;
So she jumped out of the border;
Hitched on a tree keeping warmer;
All the blues and gloom was gone;
A fine morning descend ON;

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Predator and Prey

Ethereal clouds show me a fantasy;
Millions of spiritual dust form a reality;
My eyes are hooked to the serendipity;
My vocal chord registered the voice "Epiphany";

The scene in the sky shows no duplicity;
My legs stayed in the balcony happily;
I was astounded by the predator;
I gladly let myself a prey to the 
                       world's finest editor;

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Maid turned Tailor

Few months back, my maid came to me and said, "I have been working as a house maid all these years. I am having a feeling to work from home. If I need to work from home, I could think of Tailoring as the best option. I want to go and get trained as a Tailor ". Immediately I said, "That is a good choice. You have been a wonderful maid for me. As you said, I can understand you can't do this for long. So go and get some training in Tailoring". Hearing that she was very happy. She was going training for few months doing part time house maid work as well.

After one of those days, she came and said, "Ma, I feel like buying a Tailoring Machine to learn and equip myself as a Tailor. If you can lend me some amount, I can buy the machine". I said OK and handed over the money. Within couple of days she bought the machine and started to do stitching at home. Even I started giving my clothes to do any alteration and she was doing good. 

Few days back, she came and said, "My training period is over and they are planning to send me to a big factory little far away to understand more nuances in Tailoring apart the basics. Can I quit the job and go for a month?". I said, "Fine, find out someone in place of you and leave". She felt excited and she is leaving soon. 

I realized, if I wouldn't have said "Yes" and if I didn't assist her with the money, eventually her interest would have withered and she would continue working as a maid. I am happy and glad that I could make a difference in someone's life. 

When you make someone happy and achieve their dream, eventually you will also be in the path of chasing your dream. Be the source of happiness for others wherever possible. 

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Bicycle Story

It was one of the Beautiful Sunday. My little critter who just turned 5 yrs was very keen in riding his cycle. He was very adamant to remove the training wheels and to ride on his own. Much to my discomfort, I asked my husband to accomplish the same for me. When the cycle returned with no training wheels, his joy was in no bounds. He was very interested to ride the cycle with no training wheels.

My Husband helped him to ride thru' the cycle exactly for 2 days. After that the cycle was left to rest. We left to vacation for a week. After coming back, my husband didn't have time to give practice and fear engulfed the little one's heart. He was very reluctant to ride and practice on his own. He said, " I think I may fall. I am not so confident in driving by myself. Fix back the training wheels". These sentences were kept on going in routine every day whenever I asked him to ride. 

One day he came and asked me, "Mama, can you buy me a new cycle. I think I am bored with the older one". I said, "If you are not riding this one without training wheels, I don't think I will buy one for you". I don't know what he thought. After few minutes, he was gone outside. He didn't come back for a long time. In the mood of searching him, I peeked through the balcony. I saw him trying to practice the cycle with no help. 

It took few days to get used to the tactics. He fell down for couple of times. There was no complaint from him. Only his elder brother came and announced the news. He took very light of all those incidences and kept on driving every day. 

Yesterday he called me and said, "Mama, come down and I will show you my skills". I was totally surprised by the way he could do cycling like a pro. While thinking on the same, I was totally taken aback for the determination he had to practice and perfect the same. I realized anything which looks impossible and challenging in the beginning will eventually fall in place, if we have a strong determination to go further and achieve the same. 

Friday, July 15, 2016


In the absence of Loudness
Grandma is remembered;
In the absence of Laughter
A child is remembered;
In the absence of Wisdom
Grandpa is remembered;
In the absence of Peace
Peace is remembered;
In the absence of Happiness
Happiness is remembered;
In the absence of Will Power
Heroes are remembered;
In the absence of Good Virtues
Goodness is remembered;

Poets United - Midweek Motif

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Current Moment

There are few moments in life, when we feel like listening to soul soothing music for long.  After dropping my son in school, I was completely involved in listening to one of the 80's song coming relentlessly from the car. Even though I had sequence of activities planned for the day, sitting there closing my eyes and completely merging with the rhythm gave all the freshness. I was completely dissolved with the lyrics. Few lyrics are cherished forever for the meaning and they bring back our past memories and childhood. 

Yesterday instead of doing the homework lessons, my son was studying something very interestingly from other lessons. Even though I stressed him to complete the home work that moment, my mind wandered and expressed guilty of myself for not letting him free in his own zone. The moment of interest for a particular thing may last only for that moment and may not come again. By asking him to pursue his interest later may cut down the current flow of interest in him and he may not continue later. I realized later and felt the need to change my thought process.

When you are involved with something at the current moment, even though there are other priorities in life indulge in the present, cherish it and live the freshness at the moment. This moment can relive, kindle and recreate other priorities in life. 

Ramadan Realizations

Sometimes being away from social media gives a lot of time for other priorities in life. I completely enjoyed the month of fasting and Ramadan.  Fasting, if we adhere properly brings out the best for all of us. Patience and Perseverance has been restored during the final days of fasting. The best thing is that my elder son got the hang of it and his fasting rate has improved drastically from the last year. 

When we follow the rituals as like the way it has to be followed, there will be a sense of completeness after the finish. When we value and nurture the same aroma of childhood like ours, we can expect the same from our children. As a whole I am completely satisfied with the way fasting started and ended. I feel a complete finish. I wish and pray the Almighty to give us all the same feelings and goodness to follow year after year for us as well as the future generation. 

Friday, June 24, 2016


I am a Stardust
Some days
the grey clouds cover up
I wipe off the dirt
and walk with trust
To be like the same
Stardust !

Thursday, June 23, 2016


The Rabbit and an Ant - ReBus Story

Is it okay to tease others? I hope almost everyone goes through this phase.  I could hear this from my Son every now and then back from school. So what would you do when your son/daughter complaint about the same. Do you advice them to tease back or tell the teacher about it? What I would say to my children is to just ignore and move on. I know it's hard, but it is possible. By this way we can evolve as greater individuals which not only solve the purpose now, but solves a huge purpose when they grow as independent individuals. This helps them to get along with anybody in the family and society which brings harmony and peace rather than being fighter cocks. Hope you all agree.

The ReBus story in the below link teaches the same values of life. This is the third episode from the Rebus collection. Please watch and share among your friends and families.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Rebus Story - Episode 2

Our current family atmosphere and the environment around us make children very possessive of their things. It is very hard or rare these days that the kids tend to share their materials with others. But it is very necessary to instill the habit very deep in their minds at a very young age itself. We should teach them the necessity of global brotherhood and humanity. They should understand the moral values of life, to become greater citizens for the society.

How about we induce and reiterate the habit of sharing in the young minds with a short story?  This second episode of Rebus Story( Rabbit and his Kite)  narrate on the same lines. I always believe little children can benefit from short stories. This improves their reading and listening skills. Please try and let me know your inputs.


It was a bright sunny morning. I was enjoying the lovely weather. Dresses from the dryer were scattered here and there in the Couch. I was piling them together in the mood of keeping the place clean. Looking at my spirit, my younger son also joined the movement. I was happy to work along with him. He was helping me to carry the dresses to the Wardrobe. 

While stacking them in their assigned lanes, he could see a new T-shirt hanging from a corner. The brand read "Sach" a tagline of shirts from Sachin Tendulkar.  Imran, the tiny little looked at the signature image in the shirt and said, "The boy looks like Mowgli" inspired by the movie Jungle Book which he saw recently. I laughed loud and said, "He is not Mowgli, he is Sachin Tendulkar a famous Cricketer from India. If you become famous, probably we can launch a series of dresses like this one. We can name the series as 'Imri" probably I chuckled and smiled".  Imran immediately said, "No, I don't want to become famous". I asked him, "Why?". He said,"I don't want to get my named teased so badly that way". I rolled in laughter sensing his innocence. 

Sometimes they teach us life's most valuable lessons in a gently way. Loved the moment and the discussion. 

Friday, June 10, 2016


Each and Every day,
Keeping the praise and abuse away,
The Sun shines to make a perfect stay;

Each and Every day,
If there is plenty of light or grey,
The Bird will fly a long way;

Each and Every day,
Never leaving the clouds astray,
The moon will always sing soft lullaby;
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