Wednesday, October 28, 2015


A week back I was in one of the favorite Toastmasters meeting. This was the statement I heard from the Toastmaster of the day before signing on our regular serious hours. He said when there is rain, all the birds and living beings look for shelter, while an eagle fly and soar above the clouds to escape from the rain and only one bird enjoys and dances in the rain, with that he pronounced the name of the bird: peacock. This is the bird which celebrates, dances and enjoys rain. That statement left me awestruck how we need to look at things differently and with great spectacles. As APJ said" Problems and Plans are for everyone. How you look at them makes you different and a wonderful person based on your attitude". Have an Awesome Attitude !!!

Monday, October 26, 2015


No matter how much ever we grow in life, how much appreciation have come on our way, if we know and understand all the factors including the best effort of the omnipresence made this possible will make us stay grounded with gratitude all the time and help us to grow and achieve more.

Cooking fun

While I was cooking today, I noticed that I added a bit more of salt in one of the recipes and it tasted yuck at the end. This made me realize that even in the husband and wife relationship both needs to maintain an individual/creative space among each other to enjoy their lives in harmony and peace, rather if one tries to intrude too much of one's life and space, it is like too much spilling of salt and finally ends in tasteless memories.

Cloud Learning

It was a pleasant evening. There were fluffy clouds gathered around in the dusky evening. I and my little critter who is 4, were privileged to witness the scene from the balcony. For few seconds I was predicting what I could see from the clouds and the next few seconds he was analyzing his own predictions according to his maturity. After few seconds the clouds would traverse back and forth and erase all our predictions and changed into something else more beautiful. This made me realize that even in life too, we have own predictions. This or that may happen, this way or that way or either way. Finally it is HIS own way of teaching and guiding follow us. Instead having our own predictions, just flow with the life and be optimistic that HE will lead us into greater destination.


Sunday, October 25, 2015

Happy You

A new beginning
A new thought
A new conscience
A new idea
A new transformation
will all gear up
being a new YOU
Enjoy the new being
the moment you discover


Saturday, October 24, 2015

Hair Cut

It was high time for my 9 year old to do a hair cut. We have decided to sent him alone to the Barber shop as he is used to the way and the shop. Some or the other reason he couldn't achieve the same and he returned back home. Today was the third time dad wanted him to try again. I argued " It's been 2 days he tried already, why don't you go along". He answered "It's ok, Let him try once more today and if he can't I will go". It made a little hiccup in our morning conversation. After 40 minutes he came back home with his hair neatly trimmed. I realized that children has to be taught and mentored to act Independently in the recurring work which they are already accustomed. This will bring immense amount of confidence and face the world with a strong fist.


Friday, October 23, 2015

Lessons of life

I was on my way from Bangalore to Chennai. I entered the train and check the seats. They were all scattered here and there for the whole family. I was watching for a while what would be the best option to sit together and I approached a gentleman to adjust and sit. I asked him couple of times to change seats. Even though I asked politely, anyone would get irritated for the continuous nag behind. For the last adjustment I asked him a question in a way "Sir, If I ask you this one last adjustment would you get angry?".Eventually he laughed and I achieved what I wanted to. It doesn't matter what you ask, but if you know how to ask, you can achieve at your will.


Saturday, October 17, 2015

Auto Ride and a Lesson

One day while I was travelling in an auto rickshaw, I could see the Auto driver constantly talking and doing cat fights with someone at the other end. I was patiently riding the auto until he dropped me at the destination. After he dropped,I said very politely" You know how dangerous it is to talk over the phone while riding, How can you realize when the other vehicle comes in front of you". He smiled and said "Some foolish fellow is at the other end Madam, he doesn't realize... my answer". I am not sure, how much he got my words into his mind, but at least I am happy that I made an awareness in his mind.

It is not only the Auto Driver, but we too get revelations often from our Parents, Neighbors, Friends and Well wishers. It is up to us whether we take their timely advice and go or just ignore and move on. Which Category you belong?


Thursday, October 15, 2015


Multitasking is an art. It gives pleasure and lots of confidence when we do play multiple roles in life provided we do a proper justice to the current role we play at the right time. When I see anybody doing multiple roles, it gives loads of inspiration and expand our mind to grow further. I love the term "Jill of all trades" better than the usual "Jack of all trades" for that it brings an immense vibration in myself.


Wednesday, October 14, 2015

A flair for writing....

I flick into this moment of silence.
To enjoy the peace of serenity..
Words pouring out in balance
To create a world of ecstasy.

Day in and Day out. I am a dreamer
Catching every second with a fantasy
Moving here and there as a Drum roller
Love to live a life of clear conscience and reality.

Commitment is my true self
Carving a life out of my shelf
Love to talk with sheer wisdom
Bestowed upon from people of stardom

This is My own creative space
Which I always wish
Whenever a piece of quietness shadowed upon
I with Me and Myself