Thursday, December 21, 2017

Is your child prepared enough?

Are you a person who hates rain so much? Are you a parent who is dreading the unexpected holidays because of rain? Well, I understand your point. The whole image has been created because of 2015 deluge. So, we are all hooked to our mobiles to check the school WhatsApp group every day to find out whether there is school or not the next day.  The whole process was tiring for us whereas the children get to enjoy the holidays. Initial few days of unexpected holidays felt great and eventually, the children are bored in the subsequent days. 

We always expect the school to send worksheets to keep them occupied. Otherwise, we give them the mobile to play on the laptop or we offer them the generous amount of TV time. Other than this, what are we doing with our children? Are you confused?  Is there anything we could do to utilize the unexpected holidays? Well, I believe the holidays are a good time to teach our children a little bit of cooking. Now, please don't stare at me for saying that. For children who are 10 and above the best time is now. Even though you have a cook at home or you cook for them, the children must know how to switch on and off the stove. Now don't say that it's not safe to teach them. Teach them how to handle those safely. Teach them to prepare coffee or tea in the presence of you so that they can do it even when you are not around. In this rainy days, it would be good to drink warm water. If the water from the flask is empty, they should know how to warm water in quick seconds. We cannot rely on the microwave oven every time and it is not very healthy to do so. 

Before you sit for food during lunch or dinner, ask your son or daughter to arrange the table. We sit on the floor and eat mostly. So I ask my son to keep the food and I ask him to arrange in the right manner. By this way, they know the importance of table manners, the way to handle heavy utensils and the art of carrying soups and gravies without spilling the same. After the food is over ask them to take back everything to the kitchen. This way we can teach them the responsibility of cleaning the dining area. These simple activities help them to respect food even when the plate is empty. It also teaches them to respect the work involved in preparing the food.  

Preparing chappathi dough is a work and it doesn't involve stove too. Give them the ingredients and ask them to prepare it for you.  The way they use the water, oil, and flour help them plan any activity in life too. It is okay if they mess up a couple of times.  They will learn it better the next time. 

There are times when the mother is sick at home, no one will be around to get her even a cup of warm water. Those times, If we have a son or daughter who can offer a cup of warm water or tea she can rest in the bed without any anxiety. There is no age limit to learn all these. Early they learn better will be their life. We spend a good amount of time to hone their academic skills better. It is equally important to teach them life skills. If they have both balanced in their life, we can be happy that they can lead their lives better and can be helpful for others too.  

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

What is that noise?

Chennai and rains quite an oxymoron. One of the days from last week broke the stereotyped Chennai. The rain started to drizzle. A moment I was enjoying at 6 AM and I was flying like the passing clouds. A calling bell sound hindered my dream and annoyed my core. I was too lazy to go and open the door. I knew it is our driver. He is always asking for Diwali bonus by this unique way. So I send my husband to have a peek at the door. He was shocked to see our neighbor at the door. Sensing a foreigner,  he came inside to wear a shirt and again he ran back to attend him. We were clueless about the emergency situation. 

I was worried. What could be the reason was running in my mind?  My Neighbour said, "Sir, the rain started to drizzle, your clothes are outside. Go and take it quickly". I am glad that he said it, my husband ran quickly and got everything. Imagine, if I would have said the same, I don't know whether my husband will take immediate action. So I thanked my neighbor from the bottom of my heart. You must be wondering this is a simple act. Anyone will do. What is so great about this? I understand. Are you doing this to your neighbor? Let's stop at this point.

When I look back few years down the lane, my neighbor doesn't behave this way.  He was not a friendly person. He keeps to himself.  If we ask him anything he will answer, otherwise he doesn't bother anyone. An interesting story is behind my neighbor's transformation. Whenever there was rain during the evenings I rush to the common area to take our clothes. My younger son is 6 years old. He usually observes keenly and he comes and intimates me on the rain. His gesture always helped me a lot. Over a period of time, he started exhibiting the same to our neighbors too. As soon as the drizzle starts outside, he goes and knocks the door of my neighbor to inform the same. The early announcement helped them to save their clothes. Since he was continuously exhibiting the behavior every time, my neighbor also changed his thought process and he intimated me this time. It was a great transformation. I am astonished by my neighbor's behavior and action. After I took the dresses I came back home and thanked my little one for his kind act. 

He made me realize that It doesn't  matter whether your act is small or big, if it is good please continue doing the same. Please don't stop because someone is not reciprocating the same to you. Eventually, they will transform and that moment is not so far. We usually expect a lot from our close relationships. When the expectation doesn't match with the reality, we get disturbed so much. Then there is a break or a big hole in the relationship. Even though we say expectation ruin everything, we continue expecting for reciprocation in the first instance itself.  If I do something he should do the same back to me will not make a perfectly cordial relationship but it's like an ATM transaction.  Then we become machines, not human beings.