Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The year Nineteen Ninety

The year was nineteen ninety,
I was 10 years and tiny,
I ran through the streets,
With lots of friends and meets;

Dancing was my passion,
I carried along like a fashion,
School was my magic destination,
I did not want any separation;

Looking back through nineties,
It was a period of melodies,
No regret to change any tune,
It was forever a monsoon;

It doesn't matter nineties or teenies *,
Life is always a super journey,
When you are not in a hurry,
And life will sing a happy note 
                             without worry;

*Teenies -  The year 2013- 2019 is called Teenies.

That Day....

That day.... I failed in the contest and learned failure doesn't stop me...

That day.....I yelled at my son, said sorry and learned parenting...

That day.....I stopped the leaking water pipe and doing the same everyday..

That day.....I hugged my mother and redefined love..

Plane Saved by a Truck

A plane was struggling to land after a technical failure. The plane would have crashed in the ground with the front wheels being twirled. A Small Nissan truck came from nowhere and saved the plane by putting himself in the front and made the plane to land on him. I was in tears looking at the sight of the climax. The plane was saved and the truck was good. 

Looking at the video I thought, What is the trigger for the Airport technician to go around and help the plane. He could've thought it would be impossible thinking the magnificence of the task. Looking at the risk, nobody would dare doing it. But he did what he can to save the plane and the passengers at the right time. No wonder he is a real life hero.

What I learned from this video is, In life too there are people who are very close to us struggling to come out from their comfort zone or from any issue they are currently facing in their life. If we can act like the truck who came at the right time and saved the plane we can be that source of support to anyone who deserves our time. By doing so, we emerge strong as individuals and make others grow in their life. When we help others grow, we naturally move forward in life. What do you say?

Monday, March 28, 2016

Humpty Dumpty - Rhyme Release

By the grace of Almighty, I am happy and excited that the second rhyme in the series of Derived Rhymes has been released by MagicBox Animation Pvt. Ltd. I penned the lyrics and sung by a German Singer. This rhyme is a twisted version of age old Humpty Dumpty song. Please have a look and share with your friends and families.

Friday, March 25, 2016


Sometimes it drizzles,
Sometimes it pours,
The climate of the sky changes,
My mood swings between ranges.

Sometimes it snows, 
Sometimes it's a blizzard,
The climate of the sky changes,
My mood swings between ranges.

Sometimes it's cloudy,
Sometimes it's foggy,
The climate of the sky changes,
My mood swings between ranges.

A gloomy weather aches my mind;
Makes me thoughtless and blind;
A sunny light brightens my face;
Makes everything fall in place;

My life is a complete circle 
of all the climate;
And I like to enjoy the dark 
and bright like a diamond;

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Borrowed Eyesight

It was a very wonderful sunny afternoon. My phone was nudging me with messages. Very curiously I was looking at the Watsapp alerts and SMS.  I couldn't see the messages very clearly. They were very blurred. I was shocked and surprised at my vision. I kept on wondering what might be the issue. Within few seconds I was laughing bursting in tears, realizing the fact I was wearing my coolers and checking the same. I didn't know I was so engrossed in the messages. Immediately I removed my sunglasses and my vision was alright. 

Sometimes in life also, there are certain perceptions we have on certain people because we tend to look at them thru' other's spectacles. It may go wrong. Whenever we go thru' such experiences if we can remove those spectacles and see through our eyes our perspective towards that person or that incident or experience may be different. It can alter our life or bring more peace and what not. Let us strive to look at any experience or person through our own eyes rather than the borrowed or through someone's spectacles. Most of the times it may go wrong.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Misplaced Document

Yesterday I had to find a document very urgently. I went to my mini library loaded with files. I searched through all of them. I didn't get that piece of document which I was looking for. I was perplexed. As the minutes passed, I got more frustrated. It has been almost an hour. With no curiosity to search more, i pulled one last file. What a wonderful surprise! I saw the document there. During one of the wee hours I plunged that document inside and left and that was not the intended place for the particular document. So I have searched in all the other places except this file. My inner voice was instructing me, "If you would have kept the right document in the right file even in the middle of your urgent work, it would have been very easy to retrieve it back. It was your fault not keeping at the right place". Finally  I convinced myself to work on the attitude in the same lines. 

Sometimes in the middle of hurry work or in the fast pace life we keep things in wrong places thinking that finding the right place will take lot of time. But the amount of time to retrieve the same back consumes all the time and leave us frustrated and helpless. I learned to keep right things at the right place. Everything has the right to belong to it's own place. It was a wonderful realization by misplacing a document. 

Monday, March 21, 2016


I sat in my balcony
Watching a Banana tree;
Gentle breeze carried 
the rhythm of flute;
My random thoughts 
were on mute;
Memoirs of my past
were passing as clouds;
The good and the bad
holding hand in the crowd;
I laughed and cried
For all the mount and ride;
The sound of music
Relished and Soothed my past;

Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Jobless jack was
Staring at the window;
Inside a man eating 
his full stomach like a hero;

Jack's Jaw
Itching to ache;
Seeing the jelly and jam
Waiting to in take;

The man called
Jack inside;
Asked him to sit beside;

He shared his plate
with Jack;
Made his hungry go back;

The man, then called Saint;
Jack thanked him
with no complaint;

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

A Poem from the Beach

We went to a Beach on a pleasant Sunday evening. The soccer players were on their toes engrossed in play. The beach sand was so soothing for the legs. We decided to sit and watch the eternal beauty of nature. The kids enjoyed playing the sand.  It was almost evening 6 PM and i told my elder son, " Look at the blue sky. What do you see" and he immediately composed with a poem and he wrote the below.

What a wonderful sky,
Which people always pass by,
You have wonderful stars,
Which are more beautiful than Mars,

Everyone likes you ,
And no one will argue,
You are very fresh and blue,
Which has not at all any goo.

We enjoyed reading the same. The child's mind is very inquisitive. If we keep intriguing with thoughts, they can be very active and creative at times. They will come up with magical concepts of life and enthrall us.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

What is Happiness

The term Happiness has its own definition for everyone. For me, happiness is when my sons come back from school with a smiling face knowing that they enjoyed their day. Even though some of the days don't go well, assuming that a silver lining will emerge after the experience will make me happy. 

During the recent Chennai floods, i was making a phone call to my maid and was checking if she was okay and to ask for any help. I was upset with the complete blackout in my house. When I called her I was expecting a very sad tone. But to my disappointment, she responded in a very normal happy tone. There was no whining and no irritation in the voice. There was no blaming the nature. She said "Ma'm there is water half way through the cot and we are sitting above the bed. Let's see what happens in the morning. Then I will ask for any help if I need any". Her reply was calm and soothing. That was the last call I could make before the phone signal went off. I learnt how to smile even in the middle of crisis. After talking to her, the black out in my house seemed to be so teeny tiny issue. 

If we all can evolve to be happy in all occasions of life which is really possible if we learn to flow with the stream of events in life. There are certain events which happens in our control. Many incidents does happen without our permission and not in our control. If we all understand, everything happens for a reason then we can find happiness even in the middle of disaster.

Chennai floods devastated lives. But the whole world witnessed the spirit of humanity. Even though it was a disaster it has opened many minds and changed many lives. If we question life why this happens? we can't be at peace. However if we trust that this happens for a reason, we can be happy at any point in life. Happiness is a religion when you flow with the flow of life. 


Faith unfold miracles
if I am willing 
to believe;

Faith brings wisdom
if I am willing
to trust;

Faith gifts success
If I am willing
to be honest;
This Haiku has been penned for Prompt Nights - Faith

Friday, March 11, 2016

Auto Driver alias Hero

It was one of those days I had to find an auto as my car was not available at home. I booked an auto thru' a mobile app. He arrived on time. Half way thru' he started discussing about the history of his life story without being asked for the same. He must be an enthusiast. At least I assumed that way. One of the fact he explained surprised me. He said many auto drivers go and get the mobile from the XXXX company and they uninstall the software and they start using as their own mobile phone. They think they have got a mobile worth of 3000 Rs free of cost. Since they uninstall the software they won't be getting any calls from the company and they have to drive the auto according to their interest. However the auto which I traveled in, he took the mobile from the company and use it very productively. His everyday goal was to earn a sum of 2500 RS by the end of the day. He takes each and every call request and accomplish the same. The XXXX company receives 70 thousand calls per day and he is in the 98.4% score as the top rated driver. Every week he will be getting 1000 rs as bonus for his commitment and endurance. 

After hearing so many facts from him, even after getting down from the auto, the only one thing which lingered in  my mind was "Ma'm everyday I step down from my house aiming that I will reach the goal by the end of the day and I do achieve it". Even though we knew all these facts, dreaming, implementing, achieving the goal is still difficult for us after learning so many philosophies, quotations from great orators. Here is such an ordinary auto driver who achieves the same by hard work, commitment and striving for excellence. To learn a great attitude, we don't need name tags from white collar list. Anybody can teach us a great lesson from any walk of life.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

One line Story

She scooped shells slyly sitting seaside. Snails snuggle, searching sunshine. Seagulls scare silly snails. She secured silly snails. 

This post has been written for IndiSpire #YestoS

Weird Feelings

Some feelings are weird,
They battle with me unprepared,
I am sure not scared,
With the tools I procure.

They haunt me like clutches,
The moment it comes and touches,
Some feelings are weird,
They battle with me unprepared.

I am aware I fought back,
I am conscious to tackle an attack,
Some feelings are weird,
They battle with me unprepared.

They went back to their cobweb,
To spin another weirdo step by step,
But my conscious arose and talked loud,
They pulled me back from the weird crowd.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Celebration of Rain

A tiny little drop,
Hugged the earth,
The earth refreshed; energized,
The little drop relished;overjoyed,
An aroma emerged from deep within,
The air was mesmerized,
Flowers bloomed,
Ladybugs danced,
It's the celebration of rain.

On a faraway corner,
In a deep cozy couch,
My yearning for rain just begun.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Women's day

She is a Phenomenon,
She sprouts, grows, yields, withers, 
        dies, preserves and sprout once again;

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Reach out

It was a pristine restaurant,
I ordered the food what I want,
I sat there tired from a long journey.
Waiting there to gobble all in a hurry.

It was a long time, food did not arrive,
I was dejected and hopeless, trying to strive.
He came with a sandwich not so yummy.
I was disillusioned by the oozing honey.

I explained him the situation,
A different order with variation.
This time I ate my stomach full,
I got my energy, so like a bull.

When your desires are not coming thru',
Reach out to people, you can make it true.
You will not get what you want, unless you yearn,
Speaking out loud make it work I learn.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Curdled milk

It was a super Monday morning. Milk arrived on time. I was happy looking at the pure white organic milk straight from the vendor. I came and checked the milk storage in the fridge. There was some old milk. Hence i kept this new milk in the refrigerator.  Evening I took and try to boil it. Unfortunately it turned very curdle and finally I had to make Paneer out of it. 

I observed this strange phenomenon for few days. If I boil the milk instantly as soon as I receive , they stay good and last long. When I tried to boil later, they soon curdle and go bad.

This reminded me of my little son who comes and nags me to read a book at a time while I was busy in the kitchen. At that moment, finishing that chore and moving out from there was the priority. Hence I would say to him "I  will read to you after some time honey" and he move from there. Later when I was ready for reading, his attention span would have gone or he was engaged in some other activity and sometimes the reading we planned would never happen. 

If you ask me, whenever a child comes for working with us we need to leave everything and go behind him/her because that is the right time to squeeze some knowledge inside their mind. Later if we go they won't be in a mood and our purpose of reading the book or doing an activity will never bring the desired results. It is very difficult to make children to sit in one place and make them work. When they come to us, we should not leave that opportunity to sprinkle some knowledge in their tiny brains. Agree?