Friday, October 28, 2016

The School Exhibition and a Learning

A few weeks back, we had an invitation to attend a School exhibition. All parents were invited. It was the first time the school is conducting an event like this. I was very excited. I completed all my chores in the morning hours and started to get ready to school. It was a heavy traffic and so we reached the school tad late. I went to see all the exhibits. The children did fabulous creations and explaining the same to everyone tirelessly.

   By the time I reached my son’s class, it was time to wrap up. My 10-year-old was little upset that I reached late. I convinced him. While we were discussing something with his class teacher, a boy from his class came towards us and expressed his worry about not getting an autograph from a celebrity who visited their school in the morning. His class teacher and I tried to explain him not to worry on the same. He was okay. It was just a single interaction. He also left the place and I moved somewhere else to see the exhibit.

   After completing a full round in the school, I was about to go home. The same boy whom I had seen before few hours came and said bye to me very gently and graciously. I was touched. We had a very little interaction for few minutes. Yet when he came to me and said bye, I felt very good. This created a great impression on the boy.

 This impression made me realize that I forgot to do something for a friend whom I promised earlier. I saw her on the way. I told her my apology regarding the same. She said, “Hey, that’s ok”. I felt good that I discussed with her. After coming home, I realized one good impression left by a child allowed me to change my perspective. He touched me, in turn, I touched somebody’s life on the way. We don’t need to be one of the world’s famous personality to make a change, we can make a huge positive ripple just by being our self and imbibe anything good on the way. 

Thursday, October 20, 2016


Did you notice the above posters? Did it trigger something within you? You felt saying, “Wow, a great poster”? This has been created by a friend named Shenbagam. She is working full time in a corporate sector. She squeezed her time and did a lot of effort in making wonderful posters for Story Carpet. 

On this day, I felt like saying my heartfelt gratitude for the beautiful person who worked tirelessly to sprinkle some goodness around with her magic wand. Story Carpet is being cradled by many wonderful people who is always been there with me thick and thin. I like to thank each one of them. Goodness exists in the world because good people and good thoughts are around all the time.

If you feel like saying "Thanks" to someone in your life who has been instrumental in making you of what you being today, write a letter, make a phone call or ping a WhatsApp and express your gratitude. It may be your husband, your children or your parents or relatives or friends. Your gratitude makes a difference in your life and their lives. 

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Jumping fun

Pooja holidays were much fun. I hope many had gone out for vacation. I assume those who stayed at home had fun filled days with your children. It remains the same with me. We had a fabulous time together. 

We talked, laughed and entertained us.  It was one of those days, my little 5 year was jumping from the sofa. Initially I didn’t notice what he was doing. 

When I focused my eyes on him, he got down and then he moved two books in the front and started to jump. I asked him, “What are you doing?” He said, “I am keeping the books as my target and I am planning to jump further ahead of the books”. I was astonished and excited.

After watching him doing jumps continuously I instructed him, not to do the same for a long period of time. He immediately turned to me and said, “I need to do my best jump”. I have no words. I kept quiet for few more minutes.

As he started to play again, I wondered at myself, am I keeping a goal and doing my best for the day or the day just goes on like every day. This question is definitely a take away for me to ponder on the thoughts and work at myself. Anything can be learned from anyone as long as we are willing to learn. Do you all agree?

Monday, October 3, 2016


I was looking at the sky and mesmerized at the beauty of the clouds transforming into different shapes and sizes. The scene I saw few minutes back in the sky didn’t exist now. I could see an alter ego. This show has been played so well for a good period of time. A magic movie in the sky with no cost involved.

When I was observing the clouds transforming into different shapes and communicating with the fellow transformations, I realized something beautiful.

Few years back, when I quit my software career for the sake of my home and children, I was wondering what to do and utilized my being into writing. After publishing few articles in Magazines, I was very interested towards creating a positive version of children rhymes with Magic Box Animation and also my very own blog, Positive ripples.

After few years, I was much interested towards Toast mastering and Yoga. In another few years, I was drawn towards Storytelling. The path was diversified. Nothing came by force. As I traveled along the path, whatever I liked kept embracing me soft and gentle. I enjoy being an instrument in the journey. When I look back and see the path, it is very contented and beautiful.

As the clouds transform once again, I don’t know where the path will carry me. As I flow, I begin once again. Life is a journey. Enjoy it as the way it comes.