Thursday, December 31, 2015

2016 begins.....

Every year comes and goes as usual. The world looks the same. Only,we tend to see it differently on the New Year's day. The motivation to make resolutions is on high spirit. What I believe is, New Year is a Year where I transform into higher self from the core being of what 'I' was before. A realization that came at a 'magical moment' and after that I was not the same being anymore. From that euphoric moment onwards, the New Year starts. January 1st is just an ear marked period. The transition and the transformation can be any part of the day and year.
However we are entering into the new calendar year according to Gregorian Calendar. As we step in with lots of hope, dreams and aspirations to accomplish, I wish everyone a super success with abundance of joy, health and wealth.  

Let the New year mold us in to New 'Being' and achieve goals and success beyond our imagination by the grace of HIM. Stay Blessed.


Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Better to Best

After I complete my writing and wrap it for the day, the next day when I look at my content for review there will be few places where I think I can write/change it better. The content looked very right at the moment I wrote. However when I see with a higher maturity and fresh mind I can think a little more better.

In life too, some decision of ours seems to be right at the moment and we continued on. It was according to that moment's intelligence. Later after few years down the lane when we look back, they were not right. When we grow higher in maturity and thought process, we won't be the same person to take the same decision now.

Hence I believe none of our decisions are right or wrong. It was right according to the mindset we had. As we grow, it differs. The decision we made at the moment was needed to shape us the person what we are of today. As we quietly slip into New Year, with lots of resolutions in mind, hope everything is right at the moment. As days go by, and months pass by, who knows you may change your mind, but everything is for good. Enjoy the transition from better to best.


Hard Stand

Post Chennai floods, the official medicine which has been talked about much in awe is 'Nila-Vembu' aka 'Neem of the ground' powder. We have also bought to use at home. For a whole long week, I was struggling to push the Antibiotics for my son to get rid of the fever. Nothing worked. Fever was still on. Since my patience has reached the threshold, I thought to make use of 'Nila-Vembu'. I boiled the powder in a vessel as per the instructions and thought to test myself.

Alas!!! It was so bitter that I couldn't even sip a bit. Initially I was very hesitant to give that to my younger son. However I was very surprised to see my son drinking with an annoying face yet drinking it believing that it would cure him. I knew the decision he took was very hard to achieve the same. Finally fever was gone.

Similar way, In life too some decisions are tough to take and once taken we need to follow them wholeheartedly to get the desired results. We all knew getting up early and heading to a Gym or Yoga class is very tough. However if we can practice doing the same, after a point it becomes a regular ritual for us.The more and more we take a hard stand on ourselves, life will become easy and start flowing abundantly.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Love vs Hate

Few weeks back, my son came from school with a drooping face. It was rather unusual Mr. Charming from School. I asked him the reason. He said, " A friend whom I thought was so good has turned against me today, I don't think I will be friends with him". I said, "Discuss with him on any issue and sort it out, don't just avoid and hate him immediately".
With that I said, "If you think of love and spread it around, you will receive the same back.Instead if we spread hatred, that alone will come back". He was sitting next to me for few minutes and listening to me.
I believe it is good to teach kids at an young age on how to deal with friends, family and community. If we sow the seeds now, we can enjoy the benefits as a tree. It is very necessary to indulge certain qualities in them very deeply at an early age to progress further in good tone.


Feeling Sick....

It was a cold stricken night
My thoughts were not right
I and my little one ailing in bed
With lots of aches and fever around the head

Days were passing by
I spent each day with a sigh
Coming back to normal
Is something I felt abnormal

My patience has been under test
To evolve into very best
Thank you GOD for the experience
To focus on some priorities very serious

A hard learning all the way
To keep us healthy throughout the day

Thursday, December 24, 2015

The Greatest Battle

Few teachings from the Prophet are

"Strive always to excel in virtue and truth"

"Do not get angry, Do not ask people for things, wish for people whatever you wish for yourself"

"He who sleeps on a full stomach whilst his Neighbour goes hungry is not one of us"

Among all the teachings, the most wonderful one is "Surrender to one God' and thereby embracing peace. If we can completely follow at least one from his sayings in our life time, we can achieve the greater good and make the world a better place to live in.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Tree Observation

After I completed my prayer, I sat in the prayer mat for a while introspecting something. In a little far distance in my neighbor's backyard I could see a lovely tree with some super juicy fruits on the top in full bloom. Felt like going and plucking the same and then realized I need to walk down all the way and  a little further to the  destination and ask for it from someone whom I never spoke or interacted in any manner.

Thinking on those lines, I was wondering even our goals, dreams and aspirations are too far away. HE always shows us in virtual realm. If I am willing to put effort and work hard for it, it will come and materialize one day. Rather if I keep thinking and not doing anything to achieve the same will never bring the fruit back. Thank you God for showing me the tree and the realization.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Skipping rope

Yesterday my younger son was nagging me so much to go and see the Tennis class of his brother. I also accompanied him to the park and indeed we had a good time. While I went there, I could see Afshan doing skipping before the start of the class and I knew he went late that day. So he was the last to join the class. He had to do 200 skipping as part of his warm up routine and he kept on doing even though he was getting late for the class. He said to me one day when the coach asked, "How much did you skip?",He said '120' and for that he got strong remarks from him on why he couldn't complete till 200.
I was wondering even if he would have said 200 to the coach he would have believed the same as he was not tracking the count as many kids were doing in sequence and also he was in the tennis court coaching the others. Yesterday also I witnessed the same, after doing 200 on the dot only he goes for the practice. That was one stunning moment for me as he keep exhibiting truth and continue doing the same. I believe we should encourage the traits and also that kept lingering in me on how I can evolve and carry forward carrying the same value in my life. He taught me a profound lesson.

I am hooked

For more than a week, I am very much hooked to this wonderful song. The song is "Imagine" by John Lennon. Whenever I hear this, it brings lots of peace and quietness within. A soul soothing song. Wonderful lyrics and a new way to see the world. Hope you would enjoy too.

Friday, December 18, 2015

From the book 'I Inspire'

I was reading through the book 'I Inspire' the story of Neerja Malik as told to Megha Bajaj. All through the book I thoroughly enjoyed. I have few more pages t...o complete. From the pages I read, what inspired me most was the column 'Accept what is, is.....' . This gives a complete freedom to think, settle down and relax when things aren't going right. Yesterday, I couldn't complete my set of activities which I have planned earlier and I had to be with my younger one for his activities and sometimes tantrums. When my mind goes a little frustrated for few seconds, this thought 'Accept what is, is...' would come, soothe and makes me relaxed. When I spot any inefficiency around, instead of jumping up and high and shouting in loud spirits, it made me realize 'Accept what is, is ....' and handle the situation in a more peaceful manner.

I believe I am going to use this key going forward whenever my plans doesn't fall in place. Thanks Megha Bajaj and Neerja Malik for the wonderful realization and the book.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Coloring Fun

During the days of Black out when Chennai flooded, my young critter involved himself in coloring activity for a long time much to my surprise and he continues on. This is something good he developed during the bad times. All the family members have learned something new and continuing on as part of the black out and without technology. Staying without gadgets opens many doors of life which we never thought it existed ever before.

As my little's Montessori school haven't opened yet considering the safety measures, he is spending his time by coloring and reading with me. Yesterday when he started to color with crayons, he asked me very strictly to sit beside him and color along with him. I was initially reluctant giving some excuses to get away with my work. But he being with strong will power pulled me in and I had to start coloring with him which he thoroughly enjoyed. In the due course of time, I could see myself enjoy doing it with him in full commitment and full of life.

I realized how soothing effect the coloring brings when we give ourselves completely in the picture coloring them. Accepting and giving ourselves completely in any work brings immense joy and very peace. Hope you can try doing with son or daughter too,when they keep nudging you to spend time with them. After all we don't get these precious years, when they move on to the next years of life.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

A lovely sight

A view from my balcony
So mesmerizing for the family
A lovely crescent moon
As a white diamond in throne
Clouds flying above
Covering the sky as bow
My heart bounces high
Glancing the sight thereby
World is filled with treasure
I thank HIM for all the pleasure
All the scene is beautiful
Life is always bountiful

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Story and a learning

Yesterday my younger son and I were reading a Book together. The Book is "Cat in the Hat" by Dr. Seuss and there was a picture demonstrating a character sitting in the cart in one side of the book and the other side showing the character pushing the cart up with tremendous effort carrying child in the cart. Looking at the picture he was asking me, why is the Cat just sitting in this picture whereas it is pushing so hard in the next picture. I explained him saying when you go down a hill, the force itself will make you come down whereas when you go up in the hill, you need to push the cart so heavy so it can be reached to the destination.
Explaining that I realized myself is this so true in life too? When our spirits go down, it is very easy to sink, worry and to be in despair mode. No need for anyone's support to be in the lowest level of energy. However when we are in a mood to achieve any higher goal or a great destination we need lots of high energy and high spirits which we can gather from resources and from like minded people. Hence I believe always being surrounded with the high energy spirits will make you go and work at higher destination and places. That booster is always needed to level up and go high. Agree?

Monday, December 14, 2015


Yesterday the whole family was interested in public speaking as an effect of Toastmasters we attended on Saturday. It was my elder son's turn to choose the topics and give for the rest of the family members. His topic was "Who inspired the most and how did they inspire you". My husband and I finished speaking and we waited for Afshan(elder son) to talk on the same. He started and continued like this "I believe my mother is my Inspiration and I follow her. Even though we had lots of rain holidays she didn't let me sit lazy. Instead she gave me lots of activities and kept me busy and active all the time". Now hold on, this is not the speech I got mesmerized. Whenever I was loading him with lots of work, with a little irritant mood he comes and does the work. What I was thinking this long was, I bothered him so much and he was really mad at me. When I heard the story differently that was an epic moment.  I smiled.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Blackout 'N Fun

We lived a complete eco friendly life during the days of black out. No power, No gadgets and No using any modern equipment's. We had lot of time to read. We practiced going to bed early and rise up early as we need to make the most of the day. As Neighbors, we enquired each and every one very much asking for any help needed. Lots of sharing and caring were continued. It was a great habit going to the prayer place every other day. Donations, Food and Dialogues on Floods continued each day. Even though the flood has caused so much damage to this Lovely City, I believe it has taught strange and wise lessons too. Of all that, the great thing is my husband has turned out to be a voracious reader. He finished two books, "I Inspire" by Megha Bajaj and "Life is what you make it" by Preethi Shenoy in 3 days. Both are super books. I am also loving it.


Friday, December 11, 2015

Story of Milkman

For now, almost 8 months I am buying milk from a milk vendor who brings fresh milk from cow everyday. I have stopped using milk packets and cartons for a while. During the days of heavy rains, the milkman used to bring milk everyday without fail. I could hear from neighbors that there were no milk packets in the shop. He was very religious in delivering them.

I asked him," Considering the necessity of the situation so many would have come and barged your house for milk and they would have sedated you with good money per litre. Why you didn't give them instead bringing me every day". For that he said,"Ma'm for me and my wife, customers are the first prority, even for our kids we don't touch a pinch from there. After we measure the milk for the customers, rest only will be used for home and outsiders.

I thanked him from the bottom of the heart, for we didn't face any crisis getting milk for the family but he stood strong throughout the day on his values and didn't tilt a bit. For me and my family He is a superhero and I am Blessed to witness his character.


Thursday, December 10, 2015

Chennai Floods

Oh Lord, When I look at the sky
They look so lovely and dry
When the rains poured heavy
I wonder, is it a blessing or curse?

Sometimes YOU are kind
Sometimes YOU are tough
To make me learn something, worthy enough

I believe we are learning
To stand together thick and thin
Rains taught us a Great lesson
To correct ourselves once again

#Chennai Floods #Lesson #Learning

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Learning from Domestic help

During the heavy floods I wanted to check on my domestic help because I knew she is on a low level area. I called her and asked her well being. She said water came inside the house and we were all sitting above the bed. This phone call was during the night time around 8 PM. When she uttered those words there was no sadness, no agony, no angry in her voice. Instead she smiled and said those words and concluded saying let's see in the morning if I need any immediate shelter for the family. I was amazed. I was inspired. There was so much tears in my eyes. After few days, I thought about myself getting frustrated when there was no power, less water and no network for few days in my home. She is definitely an Inspiration and she taught me a strong lesson. People like those can bring smile to anyone in any situation. I am thinking on those lines and to relive great moments going forward.


Monday, November 30, 2015

Positive Ripples: Accept and Learn

Positive Ripples: Accept and Learn: Couple of days back I and my elder son had an argument. He did some mistake and I told him to correct it. He was continuously arguing with ...

Accept and Learn

Couple of days back I and my elder son had an argument. He did some mistake and I told him to correct it. He was continuously arguing with me, that it happened without his knowledge and that it was not really his mistake. So whatever I was trying to make him realize was going out of control. At the end I told him, "Honey, if you accept the mistake there is way you can change and learn, if you don't there is no way you are going to learn", As soon as I  uttered these words from my mouth he was calm and relaxed. He started to realize what went wrong and said" I think I will be very much aware while doing the same next time" and he smiled. A sense of satisfaction surmounted me. I thought my goal was achieved and I felt relaxed. Do you agree?

Saturday, November 28, 2015


Few days before I saw my younger kicking a ball, bouncing and catching it. He was calling me and asking me to watch the same on how he throws the ball in the air and catches it back. I was surprised and astonished. He usually goes down to play with his friends and without me being physically around coaching him up, he learnt to do that from his friends.I was wondering how much effort of practice has made to do a perfect catch today. During the initial days of my Toastmaster journey I used to say why the speech not being perfect this time. If I introspect may be I would not have done enough practice to achieve the same. In life too, we need to repeat any act or practice over and over again to achieve perfectness of our desire. It can be applied for Cooking, Driving or even learning a new skill. If we put our heart and soul in the same, what we want to achieve can be done with ease with everyday practice.

I heard my friend say these yoga poses are too tough for me. It is not coming perfect. I don't think so it is possible. I asked her," When the teacher says to follow and continue the asanas(postures) are you doing or atleast trying according to the count which the teacher suggest". She looked at me sadly and said " No, I don't even stay until she finish the count". I asked her then how can you achieve perfect. She had a great desire, but if we don't work for it perfectness is not our cup of tea.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Mood Swings

Last week was full of festive mood being Diwali as the occasion. Sweets and Savories were at home in large number and the kids had so much fun eating them. I had to keep an eye on all the intake they were about to consume for the day. Even if I don't buy it comes from neighbors and well wishers. My sons after having spicy treats they ask for sweets then they ask for Spicy treats. This was a routine and it was kept going on for few days. This made me think that even in life too we are like those little kids, when some events make us upset, we always look forward for the sweet happenings in our life. Eventually life takes its turns and most of the times it is topsy-turvy. If we can start enjoying all the moments what life can bring across, definitely we will be able to enjoy the platter in front of us may be it is spicy at times and too sweet in the other times. All moments in the virtue of shaping us for a better tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Journey of Sprout

A tiny knock
A little noise
A lovely thud
A mighty courage
A land crack
Wow ! A little sprout !

Head held high
Enjoying the beauty
Saying 'Hi' to the fellow sprouts
Dancing in Happiness
Ready to grow

With the first rain drop
Touching the tip
What a gentle way
To nurture his head

Journey begins
To stay strong and grow right


Inspire & Learn

One of those rainy days in the last week, I had to take my elder son for his Drama Theatre class. I couldn't get a single auto at that moment. But we were clear in heading for the class and no mood to quit at any cost. After couple of rejections from few auto drivers, one elderly auto driver stopped and asked our route. Having said the same, he said Yes. For us, that was a great miracle moment as no one was wllling to come. He himself started to talk on the current politics which really seemed to be an eye opener for me as I don't follow regularly on those lines.By the way he started the talk, I could feel that I need to talk to him. I asked his whereabouts, how long does he work and how many kids does he have...etc to spend the time until we reached. His life story was so inspiring that he left me awestruck at the end when I got down.

Inspiring points from his life

-35 years he's been driving auto with no break in the lifetime
-He starts exactly at 8 AM in the morning and reaching home by 7 PM
-His elder son is in Military working in Jammu and Kashmir
-Elder daughter being married to a good person and she also  been taught good hands on in tailoring
-Younger daughter has been specialized in beauty parlour taining and working with Green Trends with a salary of 15K and going and coming by two wheeler

After I asked for a ride, he himself said I am going to put the metre and the rest if you feel like you can give more.

There are N number of learnings from his life. I hope we all got what we need to take from his life. Agree?

#Auto #Inspire #Learn

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Movie time

We had a complete Black Out for few days and even the internet is gone for a while. Chennai's weather made me to indulge in a movie after a very long time. Only I had the DVD "Lord of the Rings". Usually kids won't be there when I watch a movie. This time my younger son around 4.5 years stayed for sometime to watch with me. I was observing him while watching the same. In the late night when we went to bed together he asked me "Can we discuss something about the movie". I was ...totally surprised when he asked me that question. With a surprising smile I said "Yes honey we can discuss". He told me "The moral of the movie is that, Always good sustains at the end and Bad will always get punished". If I look at it deeply because we enforce being good, intake good and speak good all the time, this has deeply enrooted in him to think that way. I am glad that he picked only the goal of the movie and not the process.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Bicycle Fun

Today, I and my elder son had some good time discussing different genres of life. Past few days of Black out in Chennai had some good memories together as a family. We discussed about his Bicycle which we bought when we returned to India and the fact he is not using much these days caused me concern.  I told him" Honey, its been long you used the cycle and look at it now, it's almost getting rusty'. With that I said, "Anything which is unused for a long time will turn rusty, even our brain too". If we don't use it horizontally in all walks of life, then it may turn idle and it will not be useful for us when we want to use. Same with relationships too, if we don't balance and maintain and take good care, they may turn rusty soon. What is your take for today?

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Rainy Day thought

Today morning, the loudness of thunder, the brightness of lightning and the sound of the severe rains reminded me of HIS superiority, HIS majesty, HIS magnificence, HIS power and I couldn't control my tears. I wondered thinking about HIM, HE is the super power and HE is omnipresent. No words to describe HIS mighty power. HE is the all knower and doer. By saying so Ego, Jealousy, Anger, Hatred and all the evil names(qualities) went hiding inside a teeny tiny basket and kept very quiet. When the goodness raises its arms, evil spirit fades away and eventually dies.
#Rain #Morning #Almighty


Tuesday, November 10, 2015

First Rhyme

   Ever since my elder son was born, I was very much hooked on singing my very own made up rhymes for him and that turned out to be my sweet spot. I had a very wonderful transition when I switched over from the software career to freelance writer.
Recently I have got an wonderful opportunity to work with Magic Box a renowned animation studio and my first ever song has been published in You Tube. The composition was done in Germany and sung by a German Singer. It is a wonderful event. All glory to HIM. I am happy to share this exciting moment with you all.


Monday, November 9, 2015

Lasting Memories

Roaring Storm
Gusting winds
Swaying tree branches
Well lit moonlight
Feathery clouds
Came together,
To make an
ever lasting memory
I am submerged
Completely in their lovely warmth
I expect them to return
Again in high spirit and full speed
To spread the warmth, joy and peace
In Tis' momentum of life

#Memories #Rain

Diwali wishes

Thunder, Lightning, Storm, Heavy rains, Awesome clouds, Frogs Croaking throughout the night and People stayed mostly indoors for the past two days. Chennai has been pampered so much by the lovely weather and super rains. What more goodness can we expect than this?

Always and Everyday let the good strive and mark an edge over evil and let goodness alone triumph over and over again.

Wishing you all a Fabulous Diwali!!!

#Diwali #Good #Enjoy

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Little Rain Drop

In the deepest of the clouds,
Exists a tiniest drop.
Waiting to pour down,
With all its mighty showers
Days passed by
All the fatty fluffy clouds
Chattering and roaring
In the enormous sky
Boasting and Thundering
Their infinite presence
The Tiniest drop wondered
Scared and Terrified
Thinking of its existence
And the momentum to flow down
Every day was challenging
Gathered all the courage to evoke
There came a day
When the lightning danced
Fearless being the state
The Tiniest drop grew enlarged and gigantic
And reached the wonderful earth
Danced in joy
The little drop realized
It’s amazing to be part of an Ocean
Fear is no more a word
And it learnt to enjoy life. 
 #Cloud #Learning #Life

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Reading fun

One day I was sitting relaxed in the park lawn and reading something while my kids were at play. I could see many people doing restless walking in the mood of shedding weight. I was enjoying all the lovely sight. While I was indulging on my own thoughts, I could hear few ladies walk by in front of me gossiping the life story of someone. She shouldn't have done this or she must have done this is their judgment and statement. I was looking at the tall trees standing in front o...f me with a tall and majestic look with all green around. I wondered they have been hearing this stories everyday. Still they give the same gentle breeze, still they are tall and still they are very green and gives us shade. We should either should not listen gossip which doesn't bring value addition to us or anyone or if we do hear we need to let go within ourselves and not passing around and stay majestic like the trees. Instead some gossips doesn't let us sleep or sometimes make us depress. I believe we need to evolve? Trees are a great motivation.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Mother and Son Discussion

One fine evening I and my elder son were discussing about planting trees and the discussion came as soon as he questioned about weeds. I explained about weeds and the effect of leaving them in the field may finally destroy the plant too by sucking all the nutrients of the plants. This triggered a thought in me that even we have weeds too and if we can destroy them from time to time, the soul and the human body survives in its vibrant, positive and high spirited mode otherwise one day it may fall yielding to all unnecessary stuffs in life with all the negative emotions surmounting us. Be careful to pluck them as soon as you identify them.

#Weeds #Son #Trigger #Emotions

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Grandpa Golden Memories

While I was doing Yoga, I remembered one of my lovely days from 7th grade. I had a friend whom I was sending letters regularly during the summer vacation. I wrote a postcard which started like this "Due to the grace of Almighty, I am fine". My Grandfather while posting the letter noticed that and said "It is not Due to the grace" change to "By the grace". Thinking those days from when I have started writing to till date, feeling so nostalgic , remembering his presence, the mighty words he used all feel great at this moment. Golden memories !!!!

#Grandpa #Golden #Memories #Inspiration

Wednesday, October 28, 2015


A week back I was in one of the favorite Toastmasters meeting. This was the statement I heard from the Toastmaster of the day before signing on our regular serious hours. He said when there is rain, all the birds and living beings look for shelter, while an eagle fly and soar above the clouds to escape from the rain and only one bird enjoys and dances in the rain, with that he pronounced the name of the bird: peacock. This is the bird which celebrates, dances and enjoys rain. That statement left me awestruck how we need to look at things differently and with great spectacles. As APJ said" Problems and Plans are for everyone. How you look at them makes you different and a wonderful person based on your attitude". Have an Awesome Attitude !!!

Monday, October 26, 2015


No matter how much ever we grow in life, how much appreciation have come on our way, if we know and understand all the factors including the best effort of the omnipresence made this possible will make us stay grounded with gratitude all the time and help us to grow and achieve more.

Cooking fun

While I was cooking today, I noticed that I added a bit more of salt in one of the recipes and it tasted yuck at the end. This made me realize that even in the husband and wife relationship both needs to maintain an individual/creative space among each other to enjoy their lives in harmony and peace, rather if one tries to intrude too much of one's life and space, it is like too much spilling of salt and finally ends in tasteless memories.

Cloud Learning

It was a pleasant evening. There were fluffy clouds gathered around in the dusky evening. I and my little critter who is 4, were privileged to witness the scene from the balcony. For few seconds I was predicting what I could see from the clouds and the next few seconds he was analyzing his own predictions according to his maturity. After few seconds the clouds would traverse back and forth and erase all our predictions and changed into something else more beautiful. This made me realize that even in life too, we have own predictions. This or that may happen, this way or that way or either way. Finally it is HIS own way of teaching and guiding follow us. Instead having our own predictions, just flow with the life and be optimistic that HE will lead us into greater destination.


Sunday, October 25, 2015

Happy You

A new beginning
A new thought
A new conscience
A new idea
A new transformation
will all gear up
being a new YOU
Enjoy the new being
the moment you discover


Saturday, October 24, 2015

Hair Cut

It was high time for my 9 year old to do a hair cut. We have decided to sent him alone to the Barber shop as he is used to the way and the shop. Some or the other reason he couldn't achieve the same and he returned back home. Today was the third time dad wanted him to try again. I argued " It's been 2 days he tried already, why don't you go along". He answered "It's ok, Let him try once more today and if he can't I will go". It made a little hiccup in our morning conversation. After 40 minutes he came back home with his hair neatly trimmed. I realized that children has to be taught and mentored to act Independently in the recurring work which they are already accustomed. This will bring immense amount of confidence and face the world with a strong fist.


Friday, October 23, 2015

Lessons of life

I was on my way from Bangalore to Chennai. I entered the train and check the seats. They were all scattered here and there for the whole family. I was watching for a while what would be the best option to sit together and I approached a gentleman to adjust and sit. I asked him couple of times to change seats. Even though I asked politely, anyone would get irritated for the continuous nag behind. For the last adjustment I asked him a question in a way "Sir, If I ask you this one last adjustment would you get angry?".Eventually he laughed and I achieved what I wanted to. It doesn't matter what you ask, but if you know how to ask, you can achieve at your will.


Saturday, October 17, 2015

Auto Ride and a Lesson

One day while I was travelling in an auto rickshaw, I could see the Auto driver constantly talking and doing cat fights with someone at the other end. I was patiently riding the auto until he dropped me at the destination. After he dropped,I said very politely" You know how dangerous it is to talk over the phone while riding, How can you realize when the other vehicle comes in front of you". He smiled and said "Some foolish fellow is at the other end Madam, he doesn't realize... my answer". I am not sure, how much he got my words into his mind, but at least I am happy that I made an awareness in his mind.

It is not only the Auto Driver, but we too get revelations often from our Parents, Neighbors, Friends and Well wishers. It is up to us whether we take their timely advice and go or just ignore and move on. Which Category you belong?


Thursday, October 15, 2015


Multitasking is an art. It gives pleasure and lots of confidence when we do play multiple roles in life provided we do a proper justice to the current role we play at the right time. When I see anybody doing multiple roles, it gives loads of inspiration and expand our mind to grow further. I love the term "Jill of all trades" better than the usual "Jack of all trades" for that it brings an immense vibration in myself.


Wednesday, October 14, 2015

A flair for writing....

I flick into this moment of silence.
To enjoy the peace of serenity..
Words pouring out in balance
To create a world of ecstasy.

Day in and Day out. I am a dreamer
Catching every second with a fantasy
Moving here and there as a Drum roller
Love to live a life of clear conscience and reality.

Commitment is my true self
Carving a life out of my shelf
Love to talk with sheer wisdom
Bestowed upon from people of stardom

This is My own creative space
Which I always wish
Whenever a piece of quietness shadowed upon
I with Me and Myself