Wednesday, January 13, 2016

'Silly' Black Crow

Black crow was inspecting a Bicycle,
Thinking for an awesome ride, if possible.
Moving the Handle Bar left to right,
Making sound with all its might.

Fellow friends came in big number,
To help the one correct the blunder.
Trying to find the trick went all in vain,
They realized the Cycle was tied with Chain.

Just then, a little Boy came in White Shorts,
Surprised to see his Cycle surrounded by Black Crows.
He unlocked it with a Silver Grey Key,
And peddled all the way with Glee.

Looking far away from a Tree,
Crows learned, it was not meant to ‘ME’.


  1. Wonderfully written Mubeen. While reading felt like walking down the childhood memory..keep it up.

  2. I remember my childhood days. Thanks for such a beautiful writing