Thursday, January 7, 2016

Assessment Revelations

My elder son is going to have a language assessment today. Always it is very difficult for him to sit and study for the same as we don't speak Hindi at home. Ideally speaking, they should be assessed with no heavy preparation on the assessment day. As they learn in the class through the whole term, it is based on their ability to understand and introspect on the same has to be assessed.

I wonder, at myself going through long nights burning candles to get the thoughts seep in ...for the next day exam. If I think back, I was only focused on getting good marks in the exam. I didn't bother thinking whether I understood the concept or not. Life was hard too that way.

Yesterday while I was speaking to him he said, "Ma, I really didn't know one of the answer for the assessment question in Science. But later when I thought about it during my lunch break, I could able to snap it back". For a moment, the Indian motherly wisdom attacked me and I told him "If you could spent more minutes preparing for the same, you would have done the fair part in the exam too right, what is the point in knowing the answer after the assessment". After few hours, I realized myself, "Don't you think it is wonderful that he knew what it is. It is okay if he didn't write for the exam, as long as he understands, that is all necessary for life". I consoled myself and got relieved.

I believe sometimes we(Including myself) are very pushy to kids that they lose the interest in studies. As long as they understand what life is all about, I think we can sit back and relax giving only timely advices. World is changing and I also need to evolve alongside.

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