Monday, January 25, 2016

Eternal Rest...

The day was serene and beautiful,
My baby and I were cheerful,
Enjoying the day with no limits,
Retiring to the bed with best memoirs.

A phone call rang at the odd hours,
I picked up the phone within seconds,
I could hear sobbing tears,
In the very second, I lost all my power.

Grandpa has gone on eternal rest,
A message from the voice confessed,
I froze for a moment, very stressed,
The feelings were strange and depressed.

Tears were flowing without asking me,
I was paranoid like a broken tree.
The noble human, whom I considered Hero of my life,
Went quietly without any strife.

I could see the moving past in front of me,
Relishing the nostalgic moments overflowing as sea,
I sat for a day or two sitting in solace,
To be with him on his journey towards omnipresence.

I realized later he has gone forever,
To be as one with the supreme power,
Every now and then I think about him,
I wish to live a life without any grim.

Its years he moved to the eternal glory,
He remains and reigns in my life story,
Walking on his path throughout my life,
Is what my promise and tribute unto him.

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