Thursday, January 21, 2016


I was analyzing to do some technical work in my blog. Ever since I was thinking to do that, I felt it required lot of work and I left the idea of doing it. Later I thought may be I could check with another Blog writer. This thought has been going on for few days until one day I decided to google around and check on it. I got the idea and did it instantly. It is all about sitting quietly in a place and work for it to achieve the same. I kept thinking on the same, however I didn't do any work to make it happen.

Most often many of our priorities goes like this and we may end up saying ,"I don't think it will work out for me, it is way beyond my thinking". We don't have enough patience to quiet out mind and go for the best. Many a time what we think and what we can achieve is very nearby. It is just our thoughts make the gap look so big and make us weaker. Make the thoughts strong and keep going. Definitely we will reach the brighter spot soon.

                                                  Day22 of UBC

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