Friday, January 15, 2016

Pain - Post Delivery

On a lonesome night,
I was alone with might.
Striving to keep myself strong,
From any false alarm.

It was a dull aching pain,
Like the sharp edges of Crescent Moon.
My heart was pounding in distress,
To come back normal and relieve from stress.

Catching my breath all alone,
Keeping me steady from any scene unknown.
Little by little, I progressed,
The pain fading away and I am sure to be blessed.

Pain pricked, ached and made me tired,
But the Baby’s antics made me smile and laugh,
Pain vanquished and I rejoiced.

Finally I became the full Moon one day,
Memoirs of Pain had gone away.
I learned “No pain, No gain”.

This post is written for Day 19 of UBC


  1. So true & very well written Mubeen. No pain no gain & every pain is well paid by baby's antics.

  2. True Mubeen. It is an wonderful experience