Sunday, January 10, 2016

Rusty traits?

I wanted the bathrooms to be pristine clean. So I went and checked all the bathrooms. They were all clean. Only few areas like the pipe holdings, mirror and the brush caddy were needed to be washed. Later when the maid came, I told her, "You don't need to clean the bathroom in the usual places" and I explained her the areas where it required additional cleaning to make it more effective. Also the regular work of cleaning the usual places has been reduced that day. Only the ar...eas which needed more cleaning was showed to her. Later when I went and checked I felt satisfied that all areas were covered and cleaned.

This made me think and realize that if we keep on continue exhibiting the good traits and keep continue doing that, and also if we didn't notice our areas of improvement it will remain in the same percentage and we can never move forward. We may be good in parenting, but may not be good in punctuality , we may be really kind to others but may not be good in commitment. Likewise if we can think of the values which we need to improve or need some attention to be shaped up, I believe we need to focus and work on it diligently. Only then we can evolve as a complete human being. If we keep continue only on the good traits which we already have, the areas of improvement will remain rusty and one day it may vanish forever like the rusty iron pipes. It applies for life and in our profession too. Agree?

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