Tuesday, January 19, 2016


In one of those tiring nights, my elder son came back to me and said, " I think  I feel like taking off tomorrow to school ?". I asked him ,"Why"?. He said that he was feeling very tired and he wanted to take a day off and he went to bed. There I could hear him talking so much to his dad about one of the recent events we attended and he couldn't stop talking about it. After few minutes I could hear him coughing every now and then and he slept.

The next day morning, he woke up with a bad cough and a little sore throat and definitely that made a day off to school. I told him," Even before you suffered with cough, you have decided not to go, hence obviously it will end up in not going to school as you believed it that way". He was introspecting for a moment.

Few hours after that I thought, whatever we believe, becomes true. If I think, I can do this work even when I am tired, I know I can do. I have personally experienced few people in a contest of Public Speaking, even after their high temperatures and body aches came to the contest, gave a wonderful speech and also won. It is all based on the belief what we have within ourselves.

If we have made up a mind, that I am not going for this event or I am not going to do this for her/him, we can find thousands of excuses to make that happen. It is all what you believe can make the event/incident/memory happen for us.


  1. Excellent content which made me think that I should also believe in me which I forget sometimes