Friday, January 15, 2016

God - Eternal Bliss

A moment when I forget myself,
I could sense ‘HIM’ surround thyself.
From Centipede to gigantic Whale,
‘HE’ is the one who nourish the soul.

I looked for clues on how to pray,
I searched for methods on how to align,
I curiously peeped all the scriptures,
How to call ‘HIM’ when I am in despair.

I was less fortunate, nothing worked,
It made my mind even jerked.
Days rolled and Months passed,
I found a way all the last.

I found ‘HIM’, when I smiled at my Neighbour,
I sensed ‘HIM’, when I shared anything with other,
I loved ‘HIM’, when I loved with no ego,
I was with ‘HIM’, when ‘I’ dissolved a while ago.

Let go of the search in finding ‘HIM’
Keep your mind calm and away from grim.
Let the soul enjoy the meaning of silence,
Only then, ‘HE’ descends and sits in solace.

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