Monday, January 11, 2016

My Inward Journey

Red Ripened Mangoes rhythmic to the wind
Green Gorgeous Leaves swaying behind
Creamy Coconut Tree waiting to touch the sky
Lovely Little Garden enjoying the high

A wonderful quantum of moment
My eyes doesn’t want to miss a second
The wonderful sight it carries
An angelic experience to relish

‘I’ was not physically present
‘I’ was dissolved into oneness
‘I’ was no longer a substance
‘I’ flew like a whirling dust

Cleansed from Head to Toe
Carried my heart like a Baby bow
Wanting to be as clear as the full Moon
With a soul too pure, so soon

Which glory of HIS wonders can I deny?
What is not, a miracle of HIM?
Every speck of dust is an Eternal Bliss
Dissolving in HIM, is my long time wish

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