Friday, January 29, 2016


Tiny little fingers shivering in cold,
His body was hot like a furnace in mold,
His words were slow and brittle to hear,
I geared up my courage to face the fear.

His fever raising to one hundred and four,
I could not sit and watch for an hour,
My heart thumbing from here to there,
I geared up my courage to face the fear.

I took my car and drove to doctor,
Pleading his mercy to look at the matter,
He checked him from ear to ear,
I geared up my courage to face the fear.

There is an infection spread around the throat,
Medicine can do the magic is what he wrote,
I felt relieved and surmounted by peace,
Courage helped me to be at ease.

Life, sometimes sway in rocky motion,
Courage helps even to cross ocean.
Remember, when you are in the middle of crisis,
Have the courage to break all the ice and raise.


  1. It is frightening when a child is ill. You have captured it well.

    1. Thanks Sherry. Have a wonderful day.

  2. You captured this fear and relief beautifully!

  3. Dear Mubeen,
    What a brilliant poem you have spinned. You have potrayed the fear of a child falling ill and the relief after.

  4. Indeed an occasion that calls forth huge courage.

  5. "Courage helped me to be at ease."...only true mantra to get through life....beautifully penned...