Monday, January 25, 2016

Ripple effect

It was a beautiful morning. The sun was shining bright with light orange hues spreading over the leaves. Birds were cooing and having fun. The sounds of trucks and buses meant that the city has started its day and running with full spirit.

Rama was in full excitement in preparing her son to school. She woke him by sprawling his tiny little legs or by singing sweet lullabies and also she clicks and brings the magic of little rhymes on the YouTube. Morning hours were always fun.

Her little wonderment was usually lazy in the morning until he finds he can be fit for the schedule. Once everything is done, she sends him off to the school. After her husband and son were gone for the day, Rama heads to Yoga class and the day starts for her in high note.

She tries to complete all her work according to the schedule fixed already. By the time she completes her lunch, it was almost time to pick the little toddler from school.

Evening breeze was so nice and cool, she felt like being at home and enjoy the lovely scene. Rama’s husband got stuck with work, and she had to go that day.

Rama started her car which has been practicing all these years and she amazed at herself how that came in handy for her when she needed it. The music was on. She was humming the music along with the vocalist and enjoying the ride all the way.

On the way she had to cross a bridge where only one car could go in one direction at a time. This bridge always gave a terror look whenever she needs to pass through it.

She gave a clear indication that her car is peeping thru’ by switching on/off headlight and by horn. She started and drove the car. Almost halfway on the bridge she saw a biker starting from the opposite direction. She was shocked. She had crossed almost ¾ of the bridge and she knew she can’t go back as many cars, bikes were lined up after her.

The biker was not drunk. He was completely sober and sane. He came next to Rama’s car and gave a loud bang. She was completely terrified. She couldn’t realize what has been going on around her. She opened her window and tried to see him.  She asked him, “Excuse me Sir, what do you want”? He was very furious and annoyed. 
He told Rama,” Reverse your car and go back”.

She answered him patiently, “Sir, in life and also in driving, I know only one thing, how to go forward. Looking all the way back and the cars standing behind me in big queue I can’t reverse back. I gave a clear indication before starting on the bridge. If you missed seeing my signal, I can’t do anything sir”.

Rama also said, “Since you have a bike, it would be great if you can go back and do reverse. We all can go peacefully”. By the time Rama completed her piece of advice, all the motorists, cyclists and pedestrians joined together and said in chorus,” There is nothing wrong with her, only you need to go back”. 

This judgement made him so much nervous and angry. He rattled his teeth, made all the gorilla face and finally left cursing her left to right.

Rama went to the school very cool. She was amazed at herself on how she handled the situation. If she would have used the same techniques which the biker showed given the fact that she was right, there would have been chaos everywhere and nobody would have moved an inch. Since she told her response in a very polite manner with due respect, everything turned out to be positive for her.

Later she realized, each one of us are either causing or receiving negative ripples every day. When we are the source of negative ripple, are we acting like human?

The negative ripple we spread doesn’t stay with only one person but it can grew wide and large that it can spoil a whole community. That one negative ripple can bring the worst turmoil for any human being. It can make relationships go wrong, make the country go weaker and end up taking someone’s life too.

In contrast, imagine how it would be if we spread a positive ripple. It can go and create as many positive ripples along the way. It can inspire someone. Positive ripples can achieve greatness. She was wondering on the amount of happiness which we can spread by just being the cause of positive ripple. 

She was very clear in her mind. The path she decided to walk should create and stir only positive ripples. This alone can bring the humanity back and make the world a better place to live in. 

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  1. Fantastic teaching about handling an annoying situation.And Praise the Rama in you.