Monday, January 4, 2016

A piece of advice

Yesterday my younger son was gulping a medicine which was necessary to stop diarrhea. While drinking the same, he said, "Amma, this is very sour and bitter taste, it is not good for my tongue". I immediately replied,"Honey, it is not good for the taste buds definitely, but it is very much good for the health". Then he said, "The other day I had 'Murukku'(an Indian snack) and it was really yummy for me". I said,"Eating that in bigger quantity is never good  for health". So whatever is tasty for tongue, never it is going to support the health. Very few items in the world, are good for the tongue and health. But definitely the better ones for health are not really taste enough for the tongue.

With that I was thinking on the lines, How often it is easy for us to accept feedback from others, our parents, friends and siblings. When there is anything wrong from our end, they will give feedback. Obviously if we keep our Ego aside, we know that there is a certain percentage for us to improve. We always say, advice comes for free. Why should I listen? This thought will not help us to progress further in any path of life. Be it our behavior or any performance or caring others, if we can lend our ears and listen, even though the piece of advice sometimes make us feel rude, if we sit down and think there may be certain percentage where we can take and implement. After that we should say that we are lucky enough to get a share of advice from someone which is a good sign that we are being cared. Isn't it?


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