Monday, February 29, 2016

Lunch Revelation

I and my son were out for an assessment. We reached the venue much earlier than the confirmed time. He felt like having lunch outside in a Mall. Usually he comes along and I purchase the food for him. This time I thought let him give a try on his own. Since we had so much time in hand, I asked him to go around and look out all the shops to find out a menu of his choice and price. He came back with his choice within couple of minutes. Then I gave him the money to buy and asked him to come standing in queue. He went with the money and asked a food of his choice. The shopkeeper told him that he can't buy food with cash instead to go and get a food coupon from other counter. I advised him to go and get the cash coupon for which he said the women knows only native language. He said, "I don't think I could buy and come. Why don't you come along with me?". I insisted him to manage and get the coupon. He went again, bought the cash coupon, got the food of his choice and came back. 

He finished his sandwich wholeheartedly happy. After he accomplished the same, I asked him, "How do you feel now". He said "Great". I felt satisfied and happy that I asked him to try. I believe it is our responsibility to nurture and groom them to be very independent in facing the world.  It holds the same for us too. When we try something new, we are usually very hesitant first. Slowly we enter into the arena and then explore ourselves.  Extroverts find themselves easy to adapt to any new experience. For introverts, it takes a little longer. But as long as we keep giving exposure for our kids to be independent , even when we are not around them they can help themselves and can lead a better life. When a child comes and asks for help, we need to help only when we know that it is not appropriate for this age .Otherwise whatever be the age they are in, it is very necessary for us to teach them to be independent and to take care of themselves which is very much needed later in life.

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