Monday, February 22, 2016

Coffee Story.

It was a cold winter night. She couldn’t sleep amidst the warm flowery blanket. Her confused mind waves doesn’t let her doze off. She got up from the bed.

The window curtains were moving slyly showing the surface of the peaceful sky.

She went near the window and started to do moon gazing. The scene brought down her intense heat brewing within and a cool breeze of air soothed her face and she closed her eyes.

She couldn’t forget the scene when she was badly hurt and embarrassed by her husband. It happened in the morning. She was almost ready to go to office. The breakfast has been served in the table.

She prepared two cups of coffee with extra sugar for her. He usually wants coffee with less sugar. It was just a miss. She exchanged the wrong cups.

After having a sip, his face raged in anger. He was at the top of his voice.

“How many times have I told you to add less sugar? Bad luck, I don’t have even the privilege of drinking a good cup of coffee in the morning” and he pushed the coffee table back. The coffee pot dashed on the wall and painted thick brown shades.

He yelled, shouted and scolded. When he shouts, her heart dwindle to beat. She knew nothing will work when he lets out a dragon fire.

She was very quiet. After he settled down a bit, she tried to explain the story from her side. He was no ears listening to her. 

Without uttering a single word he left to office without taking her. She cleaned up the extra mess and had to go late to office by auto.

The day has been very quiet. She sat in her desk, minus the usual charming smile. Her friends at office were nagging for reason. She said “A dull body pain” and escaped.

Evening she waited for him at the usual place. He didn’t come to pick her up. So she left home by bus. 

Much to her surprise, he was in the home already working with his laptop. She didn’t point her eyes at him. She went inside the bathroom and refreshed herself.

She didn’t make two cups of coffee, only one this time and went near the balcony. She saw birds flying high.  It was a peaceful sight.

After the last sip, she retired to the living room and took a classic in her hand to read.  It was a love story narrating the love in a very emotional way. She itched a feeling to go and talk to her husband. But the morning scene and the brown stain she saw made her stop and continued to read.

It was 7 PM and she realized the dinner has to be ready. She went to the kitchen, made a quick dinner and served on the table. She had her share and left the remaining in the casserole.

After she was done, he came and had his share. They retired to bed in two different rooms. This was the first day she had to sleep alone and she couldn’t sleep.

While she was gazing the sky near the window, she could feel a warmth hug around her waist. She turned back in shock. It was her husband gleaming with smile. He whispered in her ears, “I am sorry for what I did. Please forgive me”. She didn’t think he would come back. It was a moment of ecstasy. She hugged tight and rejoiced.

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