Saturday, February 20, 2016

From that Moment....

Until I reached India, I was so religious on my physical routine. It was so easy to allocate gym hours staying in US. I always had less distraction being a nuclear family.  When I moved to this lovely country, the priorities drastically changed, from cooking to taking care of family and with relationships. Nonetheless to say, I had so much distractions which didn't allow me to sit in one place. This place is always vibrant and enchanting to not get bored so easily. Life was always fun.

After many months, I realized my physical fitness was not convincing. I used to go to a nearby gym while settling down at the same time. But it was not a serious business. Feeling guilty for not following the right routine was bothering me for months.

One fine day I saw an advertisement of Yoga studio coming up in my neighborhood. I was happy. It took few months for them to be operational. I was eagerly waiting for the day to open. Ah, one day they finally opened the studio and started letting in people. My joy was in no bounds. I registered myself as the first member and started taking sessions. It was so hard to make me flexible for the yoga postures. But day by day I was growing and working towards my fitness. It worked well. I was convinced on my performance and continued the journey.

It was almost a year and summer holidays has started. It was a long vacation for all of us. When I came back, I didn't have a mood to go to Yoga class, hence I continued working at home. It was a happy workout with myself being the instructor and the performer. After a month, I got bored seeing myself alone in the room. I was longing to go the class again. From that moment, I never looked back. I didn't want to do workout all alone and making myself miserable. Now I can happily say I am a Yogini and I will continue my journey towards physical freedom.


  1. Being fit is always good and it keeps away the unwanted. I have been urging my father to go to yoga classes as I feel he really needs it so much, because it doesn’t stop with strengthen the body but also the mind.

    1. Yes I agree Jeevan..Glad it resonated with you too.