Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Blanket Theory

Some experiences teach us instantly. Few of them stay in our mind for long and continue to make us realize forever. Everyone in the world has problems. We can't finger point at anyone and say that he/she doesn't have any. It all depends on how we take,proceed and execute the same to live a conscious moment every time.

Dinner time was always fun. We usually talk and discuss few questions raised by our little ones. After they had stomach full, they were heading to bed. My elder son made up his bed and soon was getting ready to sleep. I was wrapping the final touch up in Kitchen. Suddenly I could hear my elder son saying "Amma, this blanket is not enough. I believe you gave me a short blanket." As soon as I heard his tone, I rushed there to see what I kept for him that day. 

It was a normal good blanket. I was wondering on the problem. I asked him to put the blanket and he again complained ," Look here ma, this is very short to use". Looking at the sight of the usage, i immediately chuckled and laughed. Instead of covering the blanket in lengthwise, he covered it breadth wise, which made all the issue. I told him,"Affy, look at the way you use the blanket". He changed it immediately and said " oh, I am so sorry ma" and he covered it right.

In life too, we sometimes look at a problem from a different perspective. Often they look very big and serious. If we change our spectrum from a different angle, sometimes the problem may not even exist. It is in our way by in which we decide to look make or break the issue. Sometimes we experience a much wide gap in very close relationships.  Every time we encounter them,we tend to look at the experience in the same way we dealt before. Hence the perception and the problem remains the same. 

Instead, if we look at every relationship as if we are dealing for the first time erasing all the previous memories, the fact is that they look actually very simple and easy to handle.  Problems are as big as we think. If we change our thought process, even the problems take a better direction and reach the destination of peace. We are the captain of our ship, we can either steer it in the right direction and reach the shore safe and sound or we can steer without a goal. Decision is ours. What do you think?

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