Saturday, February 13, 2016

Are you a listener?

It was a dull morning. My little son had a sore throat and coughing badly. We both were discussing on what could make him a little better. In the meanwhile the doorbell rang. I was curious to check the wanderer. It was my maid. She was a always a cheerleader and today I saw her very dull. I was wondering at the coincidence. 

I started conversing with her about her day and after few sentences she broke down and started crying. It was about the misunderstanding she had with her husband and how that morning was ruined by him. She went on discussing about it and expecting a possible solution to be uttered from my mouth. Except I listening to her and be along in her lines, I didn't do much talking or giving any advice. After she burst out everything to me, she became free and said to me "Thanks for being there". Otherwise I would go home and think about the same and I may think all tragic thoughts. Because I shared everything with you I am feeling light and going home peacefully. 

I was wondering at myself later that day, I didn't make any effort to give my sincere advice to her on how to talk, how to act during those situations. Instead I was just listening to her lending my ears. It made everything go easy and she returned home at least with a peace of mind. It doesn't mean that we need to always render advice to people who comes and share their stories. We can just be a listener to them and that can make their day alright. 

The purpose of living for that day is solved if you can just listen to someone their share of story for sometime. When was the last time you being as the listener?

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