Tuesday, February 9, 2016


I long for you every day and night,
To come and sit beside me for a quick chat.
I see your days are busy and long,
I know you forgot , which is very wrong.

I long for the magic bike rides in full spin,
That's all seems to be a mere dream to begin.
I long for you to hold my hand and walk,
But there is no sign of you willing to talk.

I long for you to give me a gentle pat,
When I achieve dreams just like that.
I long for you to care for me,
When I am down in spirits as wide as sea.

I long for you throughout my life,
It doesn't seem to end in my dream or real life.
In waiting for you, my love unfolds,
To carry the zest for life to the gates of gold.

Longing is painful described by many,
The outcome is so precious observed by plenty.
The next time you long for something special,
Trust that life's wonderful gift won't come in normal vessel.

1 comment:

  1. Love is life but it's beautiful when fall in love with life itself :)