Wednesday, February 24, 2016


What an odd night! Confusions and weird memories popped in. They left me lonely and dry. Multiple tiny dots were crawling around my head. It was hard to arrive at a decision. We go through these kind of feelings once in a while. I went to bed with all the clumsy thoughts quietly relaxing in my head.  

I woke up today to witness a beautiful morning. I don't usually open my balcony doors around 5.30 am. At 6, I opened the door. I saw a full moon very visible from my balcony still shining very bright and not leaving way to the sun. What a wonderful sight! I felt refreshed and relieved. I realized confusions and odd thoughts are part of my life. They play for a while and leave ,like the dark embraces night and leave in the morning. I believe perseverance and patience can pay the way for clear thoughts and a fine goal.

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