Friday, February 26, 2016


Martyr, the word doesn't exist,
If humanity can rule to persist.
Hatred and Vengeance are the list,
I am looking to punch with my fist.

Taking the venom out of my self,
Is the first priority I stick on my shelf.
Ego and Envy are the bad evils,
They wrath our life like a devil.

Martyrs are souls resting with God,
They are living with peace abroad.
The world is no more a better place,
For Martyrs, heaven is the best base.

To live a life of love and care,
Is the best way of living, I swear.
By honoring all my kith and kin,
A new world will truly begin.


  1. you are right...the root of all evils is the ego and envy...

  2. I echo Sumana. Taking the venom out of ourselves first is the way, the only way. Yet sometimes, I too want to lead with my fist.

  3. Oh yes. Their sacrifice evokes such passion!

  4. I love the sentiments in your closing stanza. Very nice.