Monday, February 22, 2016

Better Conscience

It was a busy evening yesterday. We were gearing for Afshan's final theater performance in a renowned auditorium. We were asked to gather in the hall before 1 hour of the play. They informed about this arrangement couple of weeks back to all the parents via email. We went before an hour and stayed in our seats for the show to begin. To our surprise, the show started on time very precisely. After the show started, I could see few parents coming at the last minute and trying to occupy the seats which had been booked earlier by their friends and relatives. This was totally annoying and disturbing for the people who were enjoying the show and also for the kids who were showcasing themselves on the stage. The feedback has been given to the theater director. He has been kind enough to take the feedback and was agreeing on the same lines.

 I was wondering if your ward is showcasing their talents in the stage, why is it so difficult for you to turn up at the right time and render your support? Coming in the middle and disturbing the show really disrespects the children who perform on the stage and quite irritant for the people who enjoy the show. Hope our conscience can be improved for the betterment of ourselves and children.

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