Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Love and Laughter

The winds were blowing gracefully. Coconuts, Palm trees and little shrubs were all swaying and dancing with the wind. It was a wonderful evening. I felt like staying at home and have a little chat with my darling husband. I realized later that he had some work and he cannot spare his precious moments with me, but with his favorite laptop. I was upset and moved on. Few minutes later we realized that I need to take my son for his theater class considering the performance is going to be around the corner soon.

We packed all his belongings for the class and started. I took my car, switched on AC and deep dived into soul soothing music and drove peacefully. Meanwhile I dropped my younger critter with my husband. I knew I can’t handle him in the class. I reached the theater class and my son went inside and started to practice his session.

I was waiting outside in the corridor and started to read. Few minutes later I had a phone call. I reluctantly picked up the call as I was engrossed in the book. It was from my husband. He told me the little one was being so much restless and he wanted to do something interesting. I told him to give some TV time, so he would not disturb for another 20 minutes. I also warned him to switch off the TV after the threshold time.

He listened everything and kept the phone. I continued reading my book. After few minutes again he called. This time I was very irritated. I was mumbling to myself, “This is the only time I left my son with him and he is not able to take care”. With much fuss I took the call. He asked me a question which I never expected. I was in a state of shock. He inquired, “Can you explain how to switch on the TV?” My eyes wobbled, puzzled and quizzed.

I asked him once again, “Can you repeat the same question?” I wanted to make sure what I heard is right that I am not assuming anything or daydreaming. Trust me, he asked the same question again. I pinched myself to make sure that I was not living in the Stone Age. I told him the procedure to make it work.  He did the same over phone and it worked. We were all relieved.

My son finished his theater class and we both got in the car. I laughed all the way home. I couldn’t stop laughing and my bad mood was off in seconds.

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