Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Curdled milk

It was a super Monday morning. Milk arrived on time. I was happy looking at the pure white organic milk straight from the vendor. I came and checked the milk storage in the fridge. There was some old milk. Hence i kept this new milk in the refrigerator.  Evening I took and try to boil it. Unfortunately it turned very curdle and finally I had to make Paneer out of it. 

I observed this strange phenomenon for few days. If I boil the milk instantly as soon as I receive , they stay good and last long. When I tried to boil later, they soon curdle and go bad.

This reminded me of my little son who comes and nags me to read a book at a time while I was busy in the kitchen. At that moment, finishing that chore and moving out from there was the priority. Hence I would say to him "I  will read to you after some time honey" and he move from there. Later when I was ready for reading, his attention span would have gone or he was engaged in some other activity and sometimes the reading we planned would never happen. 

If you ask me, whenever a child comes for working with us we need to leave everything and go behind him/her because that is the right time to squeeze some knowledge inside their mind. Later if we go they won't be in a mood and our purpose of reading the book or doing an activity will never bring the desired results. It is very difficult to make children to sit in one place and make them work. When they come to us, we should not leave that opportunity to sprinkle some knowledge in their tiny brains. Agree?

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