Thursday, February 11, 2016


I had to pick up my younger son from school. I booked an auto and waited for a long time. But the auto didn't turn up. After couple of minutes, I booked a cab which came at the right time. I went and got him from school. We were coming back. We were almost near our home. The cab driver knew the way back as I was instructing him the same while going to the school. We were at a signal, instead of taking a U- turn he took a right turn and it ended up circling the same place. He knew immediately after taking the distant route and he asked me, "Sorry".

I said, "It's OK". In addition to that he cut the pay meter before reaching the home itself and he explained me,"It's my fault for not taking the short route. So I am stopping the meter now itself". I was shocked, surprised and overwhelmed. 

When people are freaking out so much in the road, here is a person who rose high in humanity. I was astounded and dumbstruck. I have no words except to say "Thank you". When we have a lot to blame in life, I believe there is so much to appreciate and celebrate. Instead of cribbing each one on the road when we go which is a generic scenario on Indian roads, I understand there are super human beings also live by. Let us not use our predefined spectacles to look at the world. Think good, most probably you will end up with a positive result at the end of the day.

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