Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Tree Observation

After I completed my prayer, I sat in the prayer mat for a while introspecting something. In a little far distance in my neighbor's backyard I could see a lovely tree with some super juicy fruits on the top in full bloom. Felt like going and plucking the same and then realized I need to walk down all the way and  a little further to the  destination and ask for it from someone whom I never spoke or interacted in any manner.

Thinking on those lines, I was wondering even our goals, dreams and aspirations are too far away. HE always shows us in virtual realm. If I am willing to put effort and work hard for it, it will come and materialize one day. Rather if I keep thinking and not doing anything to achieve the same will never bring the fruit back. Thank you God for showing me the tree and the realization.

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