Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Better to Best

After I complete my writing and wrap it for the day, the next day when I look at my content for review there will be few places where I think I can write/change it better. The content looked very right at the moment I wrote. However when I see with a higher maturity and fresh mind I can think a little more better.

In life too, some decision of ours seems to be right at the moment and we continued on. It was according to that moment's intelligence. Later after few years down the lane when we look back, they were not right. When we grow higher in maturity and thought process, we won't be the same person to take the same decision now.

Hence I believe none of our decisions are right or wrong. It was right according to the mindset we had. As we grow, it differs. The decision we made at the moment was needed to shape us the person what we are of today. As we quietly slip into New Year, with lots of resolutions in mind, hope everything is right at the moment. As days go by, and months pass by, who knows you may change your mind, but everything is for good. Enjoy the transition from better to best.


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