Thursday, December 17, 2015

Coloring Fun

During the days of Black out when Chennai flooded, my young critter involved himself in coloring activity for a long time much to my surprise and he continues on. This is something good he developed during the bad times. All the family members have learned something new and continuing on as part of the black out and without technology. Staying without gadgets opens many doors of life which we never thought it existed ever before.

As my little's Montessori school haven't opened yet considering the safety measures, he is spending his time by coloring and reading with me. Yesterday when he started to color with crayons, he asked me very strictly to sit beside him and color along with him. I was initially reluctant giving some excuses to get away with my work. But he being with strong will power pulled me in and I had to start coloring with him which he thoroughly enjoyed. In the due course of time, I could see myself enjoy doing it with him in full commitment and full of life.

I realized how soothing effect the coloring brings when we give ourselves completely in the picture coloring them. Accepting and giving ourselves completely in any work brings immense joy and very peace. Hope you can try doing with son or daughter too,when they keep nudging you to spend time with them. After all we don't get these precious years, when they move on to the next years of life.

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