Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Story and a learning

Yesterday my younger son and I were reading a Book together. The Book is "Cat in the Hat" by Dr. Seuss and there was a picture demonstrating a character sitting in the cart in one side of the book and the other side showing the character pushing the cart up with tremendous effort carrying child in the cart. Looking at the picture he was asking me, why is the Cat just sitting in this picture whereas it is pushing so hard in the next picture. I explained him saying when you go down a hill, the force itself will make you come down whereas when you go up in the hill, you need to push the cart so heavy so it can be reached to the destination.
Explaining that I realized myself is this so true in life too? When our spirits go down, it is very easy to sink, worry and to be in despair mode. No need for anyone's support to be in the lowest level of energy. However when we are in a mood to achieve any higher goal or a great destination we need lots of high energy and high spirits which we can gather from resources and from like minded people. Hence I believe always being surrounded with the high energy spirits will make you go and work at higher destination and places. That booster is always needed to level up and go high. Agree?

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