Monday, December 21, 2015

Skipping rope

Yesterday my younger son was nagging me so much to go and see the Tennis class of his brother. I also accompanied him to the park and indeed we had a good time. While I went there, I could see Afshan doing skipping before the start of the class and I knew he went late that day. So he was the last to join the class. He had to do 200 skipping as part of his warm up routine and he kept on doing even though he was getting late for the class. He said to me one day when the coach asked, "How much did you skip?",He said '120' and for that he got strong remarks from him on why he couldn't complete till 200.
I was wondering even if he would have said 200 to the coach he would have believed the same as he was not tracking the count as many kids were doing in sequence and also he was in the tennis court coaching the others. Yesterday also I witnessed the same, after doing 200 on the dot only he goes for the practice. That was one stunning moment for me as he keep exhibiting truth and continue doing the same. I believe we should encourage the traits and also that kept lingering in me on how I can evolve and carry forward carrying the same value in my life. He taught me a profound lesson.

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