Thursday, December 31, 2015

2016 begins.....

Every year comes and goes as usual. The world looks the same. Only,we tend to see it differently on the New Year's day. The motivation to make resolutions is on high spirit. What I believe is, New Year is a Year where I transform into higher self from the core being of what 'I' was before. A realization that came at a 'magical moment' and after that I was not the same being anymore. From that euphoric moment onwards, the New Year starts. January 1st is just an ear marked period. The transition and the transformation can be any part of the day and year.
However we are entering into the new calendar year according to Gregorian Calendar. As we step in with lots of hope, dreams and aspirations to accomplish, I wish everyone a super success with abundance of joy, health and wealth.  

Let the New year mold us in to New 'Being' and achieve goals and success beyond our imagination by the grace of HIM. Stay Blessed.


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