Sunday, December 13, 2015

Blackout 'N Fun

We lived a complete eco friendly life during the days of black out. No power, No gadgets and No using any modern equipment's. We had lot of time to read. We practiced going to bed early and rise up early as we need to make the most of the day. As Neighbors, we enquired each and every one very much asking for any help needed. Lots of sharing and caring were continued. It was a great habit going to the prayer place every other day. Donations, Food and Dialogues on Floods continued each day. Even though the flood has caused so much damage to this Lovely City, I believe it has taught strange and wise lessons too. Of all that, the great thing is my husband has turned out to be a voracious reader. He finished two books, "I Inspire" by Megha Bajaj and "Life is what you make it" by Preethi Shenoy in 3 days. Both are super books. I am also loving it.


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