Monday, December 28, 2015

Love vs Hate

Few weeks back, my son came from school with a drooping face. It was rather unusual Mr. Charming from School. I asked him the reason. He said, " A friend whom I thought was so good has turned against me today, I don't think I will be friends with him". I said, "Discuss with him on any issue and sort it out, don't just avoid and hate him immediately".
With that I said, "If you think of love and spread it around, you will receive the same back.Instead if we spread hatred, that alone will come back". He was sitting next to me for few minutes and listening to me.
I believe it is good to teach kids at an young age on how to deal with friends, family and community. If we sow the seeds now, we can enjoy the benefits as a tree. It is very necessary to indulge certain qualities in them very deeply at an early age to progress further in good tone.


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