Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Hard Stand

Post Chennai floods, the official medicine which has been talked about much in awe is 'Nila-Vembu' aka 'Neem of the ground' powder. We have also bought to use at home. For a whole long week, I was struggling to push the Antibiotics for my son to get rid of the fever. Nothing worked. Fever was still on. Since my patience has reached the threshold, I thought to make use of 'Nila-Vembu'. I boiled the powder in a vessel as per the instructions and thought to test myself.

Alas!!! It was so bitter that I couldn't even sip a bit. Initially I was very hesitant to give that to my younger son. However I was very surprised to see my son drinking with an annoying face yet drinking it believing that it would cure him. I knew the decision he took was very hard to achieve the same. Finally fever was gone.

Similar way, In life too some decisions are tough to take and once taken we need to follow them wholeheartedly to get the desired results. We all knew getting up early and heading to a Gym or Yoga class is very tough. However if we can practice doing the same, after a point it becomes a regular ritual for us.The more and more we take a hard stand on ourselves, life will become easy and start flowing abundantly.

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  1. You are so right. To make things easy in future, we need to put in the effort now.