Friday, December 11, 2015

Story of Milkman

For now, almost 8 months I am buying milk from a milk vendor who brings fresh milk from cow everyday. I have stopped using milk packets and cartons for a while. During the days of heavy rains, the milkman used to bring milk everyday without fail. I could hear from neighbors that there were no milk packets in the shop. He was very religious in delivering them.

I asked him," Considering the necessity of the situation so many would have come and barged your house for milk and they would have sedated you with good money per litre. Why you didn't give them instead bringing me every day". For that he said,"Ma'm for me and my wife, customers are the first prority, even for our kids we don't touch a pinch from there. After we measure the milk for the customers, rest only will be used for home and outsiders.

I thanked him from the bottom of the heart, for we didn't face any crisis getting milk for the family but he stood strong throughout the day on his values and didn't tilt a bit. For me and my family He is a superhero and I am Blessed to witness his character.


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