Friday, December 18, 2015

From the book 'I Inspire'

I was reading through the book 'I Inspire' the story of Neerja Malik as told to Megha Bajaj. All through the book I thoroughly enjoyed. I have few more pages t...o complete. From the pages I read, what inspired me most was the column 'Accept what is, is.....' . This gives a complete freedom to think, settle down and relax when things aren't going right. Yesterday, I couldn't complete my set of activities which I have planned earlier and I had to be with my younger one for his activities and sometimes tantrums. When my mind goes a little frustrated for few seconds, this thought 'Accept what is, is...' would come, soothe and makes me relaxed. When I spot any inefficiency around, instead of jumping up and high and shouting in loud spirits, it made me realize 'Accept what is, is ....' and handle the situation in a more peaceful manner.

I believe I am going to use this key going forward whenever my plans doesn't fall in place. Thanks Megha Bajaj and Neerja Malik for the wonderful realization and the book.

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