Monday, December 14, 2015


Yesterday the whole family was interested in public speaking as an effect of Toastmasters we attended on Saturday. It was my elder son's turn to choose the topics and give for the rest of the family members. His topic was "Who inspired the most and how did they inspire you". My husband and I finished speaking and we waited for Afshan(elder son) to talk on the same. He started and continued like this "I believe my mother is my Inspiration and I follow her. Even though we had lots of rain holidays she didn't let me sit lazy. Instead she gave me lots of activities and kept me busy and active all the time". Now hold on, this is not the speech I got mesmerized. Whenever I was loading him with lots of work, with a little irritant mood he comes and does the work. What I was thinking this long was, I bothered him so much and he was really mad at me. When I heard the story differently that was an epic moment.  I smiled.

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