Tuesday, March 15, 2016

A Poem from the Beach

We went to a Beach on a pleasant Sunday evening. The soccer players were on their toes engrossed in play. The beach sand was so soothing for the legs. We decided to sit and watch the eternal beauty of nature. The kids enjoyed playing the sand.  It was almost evening 6 PM and i told my elder son, " Look at the blue sky. What do you see" and he immediately composed with a poem and he wrote the below.

What a wonderful sky,
Which people always pass by,
You have wonderful stars,
Which are more beautiful than Mars,

Everyone likes you ,
And no one will argue,
You are very fresh and blue,
Which has not at all any goo.

We enjoyed reading the same. The child's mind is very inquisitive. If we keep intriguing with thoughts, they can be very active and creative at times. They will come up with magical concepts of life and enthrall us.

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