Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Borrowed Eyesight

It was a very wonderful sunny afternoon. My phone was nudging me with messages. Very curiously I was looking at the Watsapp alerts and SMS.  I couldn't see the messages very clearly. They were very blurred. I was shocked and surprised at my vision. I kept on wondering what might be the issue. Within few seconds I was laughing bursting in tears, realizing the fact I was wearing my coolers and checking the same. I didn't know I was so engrossed in the messages. Immediately I removed my sunglasses and my vision was alright. 

Sometimes in life also, there are certain perceptions we have on certain people because we tend to look at them thru' other's spectacles. It may go wrong. Whenever we go thru' such experiences if we can remove those spectacles and see through our eyes our perspective towards that person or that incident or experience may be different. It can alter our life or bring more peace and what not. Let us strive to look at any experience or person through our own eyes rather than the borrowed or through someone's spectacles. Most of the times it may go wrong.

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